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Kitty O'Neil KFBK afternoon news on news 93.1 now trending, Nearly two dozen schools in Sacramento County are gearing up to reopen their doors, the Diocese of Sacramento Catholic schools Confirm that 16 elementary schools within the county have been approved through waivers to restart in person instruction. A 16 year old boys, the newest victim of the North Complex West Zone Fire in Butte County. The family of Josiah Williams had posted to social media that he had gone missing before the fire came through. But His aunt later updated Post, saying they found the remains, which were confirmed to be his. We've got more on these wildfires that continue to burn thousands of acres across Northern California Joe Michaels is live from RK Pick a Wildfire desk with details. Well, Kitty, you mentioned that north complex of fires were seasonal winds are affecting efforts against the 252,000 acre blaze. The smoke is providing two things good and bad. Good things are that it's kind of slowing down fire activity and the negative part of the smoke. Being in the in the area is that tampering aircraft suppression effort, Lisa Cocks of the Forest Service telling us even sell firefighters have up containment to 23% on the complex with 5% containment reported on the 70,000 acre West Zone. Elsewhere, crews battling the Fork Flyer on the Eldorado National forests are getting some help from a more seasonable wind pattern, which Jennifer Chapman of the Forest Service says it's pushing the fire away from the communities of volcano villain Georgetown because of the wind shift and change in the pressure systems that the winds are not as strong and gusty as they have been, so things have calmed down a little bit in terms of having those really High speed east winds. We're going back to more of our prevailing southwest wind, and that's bringing good news. The Eldorado County Sheriff's Department is just downgraded the evacuation order for volcano Ville and quintet to an evacuation warning. And while that means residents can return to their homes, they are advised to stay alert for the possibility of another evacuation order. California Under a statewide emergency is the widespread fires were taking over much of the state governor Gavin Newsom, touring the North Fire complex earlier today, when he told the press the state is facing an unprecedented and dangerous time because of extreme climate change and exhausted. Newsome then says he is hearing something encouraging. The good news is there's whether starting To appear offshore that will create environment where we may get a little bit of precipitation, a modest amount of precipitation Kitty that might even help us in terms of air quality, which today is just plain unhealthy. No other way to say that and that's pretty much across the region. The lowest rating right now, Colfax and a 1 43, and it goes all the way up to about 195 when you're over in the woodland and Davis areas. Something else The governor did today that we definitely want to tell you about. He signed a legislative bill that is going to eliminate the barriers that block former inmate fire crews from becoming career firefighters. You know, we've been out on some of these big fires over the course of the year is here at KFBK. And not only do you see the Cal fire crews, but a lot of inmate crews have worked on some of these major fires. And well, there were some issues there with inmate crews being able to become career firefighters, and it looks like the governor has just now clear that path to make it a little bit easier. We'll get more from Angelica O B O Hot about 6 30 on kfbk. So check that out. Pretty interesting story for today for complete California wildfire coverage, including an interactive map, go to kfbk dot com backslash fire All right, Joe Michaels reporting there. Thank you. And it's now five days. Okay? We've got some traffic and weather together for you. So we'll head over to our traffic center. And Dana has all right. Brought to you by being California officer. Traffic safety.

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