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We call out your names at 17 18 1919 already So I'm ready to go here to see if I can put someone up right now, but they're one $1000 stimulus share way are looking for dirty Morgan from alcohol home. Dorothy Morgan from Alcohol Home, Dorothy Morgan from alcohol. You've got 20 minutes to call us up. We'll give you a $1000 bankroll stimulus check once again, Dorothy Morgan. From alcohol hit us up 8662468923 you make you think he makes it is going down D J pick one is up in here with a big one. Here we go. I got that Chris Brown Young. Go crazy. Then we're going to new pop smoke. 50 Cent. Roddy Rich. The wound both coming up in this 92 minute. Commercial Free Mickey Mickey Mix sounds good in the neighborhood. Big boy's neighborhood. No, Master B. Bad, bad to me. One bad, bad like a masterpiece. Looking for a dump. Like actually what you call a champion. What nice you've got the cava can afford a case You've got back for even be a writer like Jet ski hurt somebody bad bad They arrested me because I rapidly with the police asking me how I know they may have been cooked in a slide like sticks like a travelling six. Break out. Put it on the tip of pain, but I see a lot. This is the kind of love make you a better make him check the quote, But you get my home. No 10. Bad, bad, bad, bad like a masterpiece. Looking for a dog like a what you call a.

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