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Logging camp There are many many examples of diseases like Ebola Saas. Hov itself from this and that's a global trend that will drive the rise of future pandemics. Now we're not saying that we've got to stop every modern aspect of development. We can do these things but we need to do them smarter way a more sustainable way and we need to start treating pandemics as a risk of doing these things around the planet. We've got to reassess our relationship with the environment and reduce our ecological footprint. It's to the benefit of conservation. It'll reduce climate change. It will also stop was getting sick and I think that's a really important point for foam some the right who uninterested in conservation of climate change. What about your own health? We making ourselves sick by making the planet sick. And that's really the message that needs to to come through from this because if we just treat this as another disease wait for vaccine and then think great. It's all over. Well I've got news. There are one point. Seven million more viruses out there that will be emerging in the future. We can either wait for them to emerge and get sick and and have another global recession. All we can get out there and re-address our relationship with wildlife and make the planet a little bit healthier. Let me ask you about a recent tweet. Dr Dash you refute the widespread belief that Cova Nineteen is a black swan event pointing to a two thousand thirteen wired article. Let's said quote. There are bats carrying virus that can directly infect people and caused another SARS pandemic if you could comment on that and also the idea that if this came from a virology lab their labs of Cross of course in China their labs in the United States. It doesn't have to be a conspiracy theory that released on the world but the idea of perhaps there weren't the proper safety precautions or someone inside the labs somehow got infected. That can happen in any virology lab the world. Yeah I lo- I mean we've been raising the flag on these farces full edison sauce. For fifteen years. We went out to work in China with our colleagues out there with the specific goal of saying wedded sauce. Come FROM IT WAS. It was an alum. Coal sows because we're at eight thousand. People infected ten percents of them are very high death rate but it didn't go to a true global pandemic Kobe. Nineteen so we went out to China and we started looking into wildlife origins of this forest. And what we found was really surprising. A huge diversity. Dozens hundreds of spat origin Caro- viruses. We found evidence. They will continually spilling over into people and we look to rural populations in southwest China and found three percent of them had antibodies to these viruses. And we estimate that the exposure across South East Asia's about one to seven million people a year. Just find living in rural areas dots. So it's not just an expectation that will have more events it's a certainty and we started saying that we look to the viruses. Bats carry them. We showed that they can actually infect human cells in the lab they can cause disease Like Saas and some of the mouse models for Saas and the evade the vaccines that were being developed at the time and this is not unusual there are many of the viruses are viruses related to a bowl that we don't know much about we don't know if in fact people the reverse is related to influence around that we don't know what they do in people and the way to deal with this is not to wait for them to emerge and make us say the way to do this is to get out there ahead of the curve find out what's out there find out his at risk work with the people on the front line and reduce that risk and you know that's a really important public health message it's also a really important message for International Development. These pharmacists tend to merge in poor countries in the tropics just by by the nature of where wildlife live countries are the less able to deal with outbreaks so sending our tax payer money to those countries is very unpopular with the current administration. But not only protects them it protects us. It's a it's a right wing agenda under left wing agendas now on the issue of whether this could be a lab release. Well this is the problem with conspiracy theories you know. It's impossible to say that it didn't happen and it never will be possible even if you showed video evidence of every hour of everybody working in the lab and their video cameras. These bio secure labs with very high tech sophisticated security systems. Even if you showed all the notebooks conspiracy folks would continue to say well. It's a cover up. Clearly something happened. These adopted no books dotted videotapes. The point is that. Let's look at the balance of probability. That's what you have to do. We have a few hundred technicians and scientists. Working in these labs. They do not have a problem with staff with security with loose controls. These are very well relapse. They've been inspected by the US. Cdc By people working full labs high security lines in the US in France and internationally they're accredited by the US. So it's it's ironic. That now were saying. They're not very well organized. We actually inspect them properly and allow them to open cables. Sorry if I might just interrupt just we only have a minute and this is a question that we have to get to before we moved to our next segment which is on India. You know there was widespread widespread believe that Kobe nine hundred would cause hundreds of thousands of death deaths in the developing world from India to Brazil and that millions would be infected. But that's not yet happened Your response to why that might be the case and whether we should expect something different in the future. We have a minute. Well you're rich countries test more. We can afford it an poor countries. Don't and what I expect is that there are a huge number of hidden community transmission in poor countries around the world that is going to create an incredible problem in the future. Who's going to deal with that problem? Countries can't afford to seek support from their colleagues and that the allies around the world. It's going to go through the. Who the very organization. We heard yesterday. We're going to pull funding from. It's a travesty and again if we if we let that happen we will see this outbreak continuing to cause problems in the developing world. And it won't go away and it will affect us. We never going to be free from a pandemic if we allow virus to rage uncontrollably in countries that are that are out there with travelers coming back into the US. So again it's it's misguided it's shortsighted and I. I really hope we addressed this quickly and aggressively because you know I really feel that. There's going to be impossible. To do social distancing in the FA Velez of of Rio and the in the slums and some of the places where people are already disenfranchised because it considered illegal squatters. So they're really gonNA be issues around the world with this current us in poorer countries. Thank you so much for being with US disease. Ecologist PRESIDENT OF ECHO Health Alliance a nonprofit that works globally to identify and study our vulnerabilities to emerging infectious disease. When we come back we speak with the claimed author aren't out Roy about the corona virus in India the political implications of the crisis. She says the pandemic is a portal. Stay.

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