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Time we were all on together joe madden trying to argue with one of based on pires cowboy joe west who is doing the home plate trying to block him from getting to that base umpire it was like a defense alignment verses and op a left tackle joe west wasn't lenham get by joe madden tried to spin move it didn't work belly what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend yesterday the reds war sleeveless throwbacks and they were incredible they were great oh my god you were leering you spent your yesterday leering it'd be arms of men i by baseball jerseys just because i can't wear basketball jerseys and if this is something baseball jersey about the habit i can't buy baseball jerseys anymore i need arms are made for that jersey wig look so good man did you like best who looked oiled up who look look best showing off see arm wait was a surprise i did not know that he had those arms strong but in no he had that teacher guy knew because each had that shirtless mon but oh my god i found out who number twenty one was i forgot his name but he's a pitcher pitcher has those arms dan can you help me audience with dietrich had that shirtless moment because all of twelve people remember what you're talking all right so dietrich if you are not aware of the background of my computer right now if you had eight walk off double slash triple one time when he was on the marlins that really shouldn't have counted but someone dropped the ball and then he was running around the bases and for whatever reason the marlins just ripped his shirt off an everyone of we all my yard throb yes my voice got deeper that day both older roy roy.

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