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Coulter US troops have pulled out of a key town in northern Syria less than twenty miles from the Turkish border CBS is Cammy McCormick has more American troops have left man **** they're moving from outpost to larger bases that can be protected by US air cover they're also moving out equipment some of these troops will relocate to a rock where they could still conduct cross border operations against ISIS others will head to Kuwait and possibly Jordan the White House is sending vice president Mike pence and national security adviser Robert o'brien to Turkey to negotiate a cease fire in Syria CBS has been Tracy says president trump rejects criticism that he okayed Turkey's attack this appears to be damage control on the white house's part kind of wanting to be seen as doing something but the sanctions are likely to be too little too late in a source tells CBS news that even administration officials acknowledge that this likely will not change Turkey's mind house impeachment investigators are questioning Deputy Assistant secretary of state George can't CBS is Nancy Cordy says he's believed to have stood up for the former US ambassador to Ukraine the president trump removed from her post can't oversaw former U. S. ambassador to Ukraine Maria von of itch who testified last week Democrats believe your vine of its was removed to make way for someone more willing to pursue the president's personal campaign goals hunter Biden speaking out for the first time about accusations of corruption by president trump over his foreign business dealings he told ABC news I'm a human and what did I make a mistake well maybe in the in the in the grand scheme of things yeah but did I make a mistake based upon some on at the collapse absolutely not former fort worth police officer Austin deed is out on Aaron dean is out on bond charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Oct top Tiana Jefferson Lee Merritt represents the families said the call the number swat team.

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