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506 subruban great saturday more carmen her title words the cubs convention weekend hairy you've been over there buddy i have not been yet this year but i do love love the chicago cubs manning it's a very special season i you know i thought there was going be a major major announcement made because they seem to do that the hawks are good at that the cubs equated that there is going to be like at that maybe ariana announced mentor or something like that we got two good announcement yesterday cow hendricks react and tommy let's telleria joe was great and then i mean those gripped them but a little bit over the top hendricks was great now okay but they're all arbitrationeligible nobody thought he was gone anywhere but okay and then the big one the big one chris bryant chris bryan that's our record contract for a first your arbitrationeligible player ten point eight five million dollars which is not it's a beautiful day for chris bryant but it's the cubs are going to have to pay chris bright a lot of money down the line to keep him and that means they'll be when when those de its way in the future but once they have to pay k b and everybody else kyle hendricks need a big deal at some point you have to pay us and russell if you want to keep them or havi buyers or kyle shore over the list goes on and on and on and on and on which the beautiful thing when you have talent maybe albert out moral become an expensive piece at some point let's hope that he does a lot of decisions but the so this is this is like mrs the calm before the storm harry yeah and i i like it and how smart was thea member people get mad at he should be up for the start of the season keeping him down in the miners for those who will you know how many games that he mesh the.

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