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To the different stages. And then once he settled in, there's a possibility to come out to the sanctuary for an in person visit. Yeah, no charges filed. Now it was Victor Cuevas, his wife, JIA. Who turned that Tiger over. It was in a deal made through the help of Linda Mac avail. What? The wife of mattress Mac. Now the Mack reveals own a little exotic animal shelter here locally, and they do know quiet this so they were able to work their friendship. Interesting. It is now 5 37. China landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time. You think there's not a race? In space underway. It's the first time in its history. Of course, the U. S. Has already landed on Mars nine times since 1976 NASA on Mars right now, keeping the rover in the lander for a few days of diagnostic tests, they say. Don't know how close the Chinese vessel craft landed to it. They're gonna ultimately roll it back down the ramp, though, to explore an area of the red planet known as Utopia, Planitia. 37 is our time. It is a big day for the U. S Space force. United Launch alliance will be launching an Atlas five rocket today on contract with Space force. The rocket is carrying a ki satellite for a missile defense program called Space based Infrared System. Geosynchronous Earth orbit. This satellite launches the fifth and the program. The rocket launches from pad 41. At the Cape Canaveral space for Station in Broward County, Florida, Evan Brown Fox News, But you saw I'm sure Jimmy about the high ranking space force leader who was removed from his post. Because he was expressing alarm at Marxism entering our military forces. Well, and what do they do? They pulled the Marxist move right. Exactly. It is now 5 38 proof in the pudding her for the first time since Koven. We had a sold out arena in Houston 17,000 fans watching UFC 26 to a Toyota center Saturday night. I'm feeling good about that vaccinated and everything on I'm ready, man. I'm ready for life to come back to normal. You have the fan talking to our TV partner Channel to Stroh's say they will maximize capacity for their next home stand. What does that mean, though? What is capacity here under Alina Hidalgo? Is it 50% or 75%? Is it 100% Sounds like it was 100% for U. F C. Well, that was Toyota Center. Yeah. What is maximizing capacity for their next home? Stand begins a week from tomorrow. I guess we'll find out against the Dodgers. Toyota centers in the city just like minute Maid Park. So if you can sell it out for you have see you consulted out for baseball cancer. I don't know. You would think we'll see whether they decide to do it. Rach. It's finished their season with a 1 24 95 loss to the Hawks in Atlanta last night. They will finish.

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