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To break up the party you should set your clocks ahead one hour as most of the mainland United States goes on daylight savings time until October 1975 Again Michael O'Malley There were objections almost right away particularly from parents who were sending their kids out to the school bus in darkness Within the year permanent daylight saving time was scrapped And now this current version of forever daylight saving isn't a done deal yet The bill passed by the Senate still has to get through the house before it can be signed into law by President Biden Even then it would not go into effect until next year so we still have at least one more glorious fall day where we get an extra hour of sleep King Richard is up for best picture at this year's Academy Awards It's the story of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams and their family Will Smith plays their father Richard Williams who coaches and guides them You're not gonna just be representing you you're gonna be representing every little black girl First And Pierre's mondale del barco spoke to the film's Oscar nominated cast The filmmakers of king Richard say they wanted the blessings of the Williams family so isha price one of Venus and Serena's three older sisters was on set every day to make sure they got it right We'd been approached different times about doing a movie And it never seemed to be right because the story is still being written This script was different Price says they appreciated how the film started as Venus Williams origin story long before her little sister Serena would go on to win 23 Grand Slam singles titles Serena is hands down the goat She's the best that's ever done it But even she said historically bet that doesn't happen without Venus That there had to be somebody to bust that door open Just before the Oscars nominees lunch and I spoke with Will Smith and ingenue Ellis both in the running for this year's best actor and best actress Smith plays Richard Williams who planned for his daughter's Venus and Serena to become tennis royals even before they were born The size and scope of the dream was so huge that it bordered on insanity which is sort of where you have to live if you want to do something that's never been done before Ellis plays oracene price the queen to king Richard They're like let's create tennis champions Let's procreate champions Yes You know and she said okay Okay bet Sounds like a plan The film opens in the late 1980s early 90s when the family lived in Compton.

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