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Well, I can see we'll never agree on this. So I have somewhat of a counterpoint here the the key. Is An odd thing I encountered in the research in this in the essay, I'm probably going to be referring a lot that I was surprised to read because it's kind of a not a harsh criticism but a little bit. It's a bit of a criticism on gambled Oh Toro which I was. Happy to read, and it's exactly that that the writer criticizes. The most vocal directors when it comes to his own films and loves to explain every bit of it But that then doesn't allow for your interpretation of it. He is actively directing everyone's view of how he wants to be, which is kind of what you WanNa do, but he's very heavily influencing everyone that loves him, and now you can't find a in it because you told you what to look for. opposed to being a little more. Critical of like well, actually, I, don't think it means that you know just because you say it means that you're still you still might be blind to what you're. Consciously. Doing here. That's interesting though because I think that in this movie, that's why I like was kind of going back and forth about like okay. Is it real? Is this like just Oh, phileas coping mechanism for for like dealing with living in this like Fascist household or is this? Are there actually like fairytale elements happening in her to her like in reality because I think the movie gives you enough clues for both sides of the argument that it is still open to interpretation So I don't even know if I agree with that criticism because even though like del Toro is like. Yes here's what I here's my intention or here's how I read my own movie but I think he's still like gives you enough of enough opportunities to interpret it a number of different other ways. Especially for the blurring of those worlds. Yeah. I kind of like I mean I kind of like that kind of thesis I mean we've. been talking about this an unusual amount lately, but we also talked about it in our episode about a girl walks home alone at night where on a Louis report was very resistant to have her movie labelled as any specific type of movie. It sounds like to come from the opposite side of where del Toro's coming where they'll Toro's possibly being overly specific about like no I didn't mean this I meant this where she was like I'm not gonNa tell you what anything means and I don't want you to put any. Label on this movie even if it makes it sound better or whatever. So I think that that's interesting. Yeah I guess different directors make different choices We gotta take.

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