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Tell America's favorite housewife is back with a bang. Believe it you season Let's go. I'm ready to graduate. We'll see. Same housewife. What do you mean? We'll see. Can't believe baby's graduating Stop. American housewife season premiere right after the old birds tonight. 8 37 30 central, too. On ABC. Good Morning, 7 20. You could see the sunrise for the first time in a while. In fact, you can see a little more. Got a couple of texts about what may have been a shooting star. In the East sky. We heard from one of our listeners in LaGrange Park, reporting some beautiful blue and green colors and Other message here. I just saw a huge streak of Something like a shooting star in the sky towards the east. Did anyone else see this? It was the biggest thing I've ever seen Shooting in the sky. All right, well, we hope that's what it was. And nothing ominous. Let's go. Team hacker and phone line gets of extremely local news from Black Club Chicago High Shame is to me how you doing today? Good morning, Bob. How are you going to go Look for that shooting star, and I think it's too late. Let's talk about What's happening on the near North side, a big mega development plan and do we think this is actually gonna happen? I think it's got a very good chance. And you know the story to me. Here is the creep of the really dense part of downtown is heading further north and further West. This is property that's currently owned by the Moody Bible Institute, just north of Chicago Avenue and the Brown line tracks around well, Street is pretty low rises over there now to three storey buildings. The college owns a big chunk of the land over there, but they are in the process of selling this to development company that's going to put up some pretty Hauled towers. They're the biggest one would be 55 storeys. There'd be a 47 storey one in a 44 story one all told, will be about almost 2700 apart new apartments and into that area, So it's It's quite in ambitious plan. You know the, uh the fact that we're in a pandemic is not slowing down. On this development company from at least pushing the the development and the plans forward and they try to win over the the neighbors and the aldermen and everyone else. That, in theory could have say how this thing turns out. What is it? It's eight acres. Right. It's eight acres. They're calling it North Union for now on gets really, You know if you can picture when the brown line is really entering the downtown takes a couple curves. You see Walter Payton College prep football Field Stadium, right? Anyone in school right there. It's all in that little area right before you hit the Chicago Avenue Brown line stop. So it's a yes, it's a huge area. There's going It's um retail in it, but it's really the crux of it. It's going to be these thes apartment towers and about an acre in some change of park land that they're going to add at the base of them. Yeah, pretty prime real estate. Let's go up north a little bit further. 53 06 North Clark. Georges ice cream and sweets. They got an interesting contest going, Don't they write? This is kind of fun, And I guess it's just not limited. Tio Tio Anderson buildings anywhere. Your listeners came here because you know, a lot of us will be doing this. What are interesting ways to distribute Halloween candy Saturday? If you're doing it, I know it's a touchy subject because we all have to be careful, but Georges Ice Cream and Sweets is challenging anyone to come up with the most creative way to distribute the candy Tio kids coming by whether it's PVC tubes hooked up Tio to your front door that you could run it down to them right into their bucket. One of the best ideas, they said. They've seen the intricate Polly system that goes from the front door all the way out to the sidewalk where they could wheel it out to him and dump it to the kids. They're really just trying to get people thinking about ways to stay 6 ft away, but still keep some of the The spirit of Halloween. So you know it's not a huge prize. But you know, five pints of Ah Georges Ice cream is nothing Tio shake a stick at it, and it's just Yeah, just kind of a fun way. Teo get people thinking and get creative. I've yet to build anything myself, but it's got me thinking it's got a lot of people thinking. And let's talk a little bit about what's going on up on Divine Avenue. With West Ridge residents making their case to trader Joe's executives. The trader Joe's people have to love this. Yeah, I'm constantly amazed the Trader Joe's fan base and the sort of the measures that they take to bring Ah, Trader Joe's store into their neighborhood. We've seen it around seeing around the country, even in Chicago Books in Logan Square, tried to get one unsuccessfully, the latest push it in When you want to be a company that people are signing petitions to have you come into their neighborhood, but That's where Trader Joe stands. The folks of Westridge from the far North Side have a petition going back by the Western Chamber commerce, begging, basically begging Trader Joe's to bring a store into their diverse neighborhood. They think Trader Joe's diverse offerings that their culture section would be a perfect fit for for Westridge, so they're really, really begging Trader Joe's Who's match has been pretty silent on the topic. They don't have a specific location planned out, but divine avenues. Obviously a busy stretch. There's lots of there's lots of potential spots for it. But But, yes, people are Western folks taking turns driving all the way up to Evanston to get there to get their frozen frozen trader Joe's meals or the fresh produce or just kind of a lot of the fun things that That that that shame is known for. You know, their employees are always in a good mood, so they're doing something right there. Trader Joe's aren't there. Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. You're absolutely right. They've got those little tiny checkout counters. I would think that would stress me out of those working check out. But yes, they're always very happy. And I'm pleased to see you. So good luck. The West Ridge. They must be treated him. Well, thanks. Shame is to me Maura Black Club Chicago dot or have a good day. Next on YouTube, says Injector is with us for a couple minutes now sponsored by 1 20 Life, Susan is a registered dietitian nutritionist, an adjunct professor. She studied in U where she Earned her masters of science and nutrition and clinical dietetics and Susan. 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