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To in sickness aydin health brought to you by the kozel medical center once again as your holes jasmine rodriguez thank you for tuning in and if you're just joining us this as jasmin rodriguez your host for this edition of sickness added health we've been talking to other eu mata who is an aren and is also a wellness educator and tobacco treatments specialist about tobacco treatment and quitting smoking eccentric all these great things you know that um that we want you to know regarding the great american smoke out uh e cigarettes etc so alley i wanna jump right into our third hand smoke i've never heard that so what is thirdhand smoking um it's new to me i mean i always thought his stop was second you know any kind of vaporize in its own but tell me about youth thirdhand smoking okay i'll be happy to so third hand smoke is actually all of that tiny particles that were generated by the cigarette that was smoked after the smoke has disappeared tom totally vaporize that the the smoke disappears but those particles are still there and they actually settle on on every surface that the the of smoke was in so for example your car is going to settle on every surface in your car is going to settle in your hair on your clothes and that's why we always encourage our families even if they don't want to quit smoking to please consider having their cars mocked free because you know their children are breathing in that third hand smoke even in a house you know if you can prevent third hand smoke from being in there because it goes on everything roy burry her every chlorophyll and it can last there for days and that can contribute to breathe anything problems because those particles get breeze in and they can start clogging you know you're circulation all of that so it's not something that we should take lightly uh i always encourage people keep your car smokefree keep your house smokefree if you're choosing not to quit smoking you know for those around lagos ryan younger tag leads etc yes while good good point now if i am interested in using more than one medication 'cause i know we're talking about medications before um they told me quick can't i do that yes definitely there's evidence of that shows that that.

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