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James. He hadn't moved a toll. I still have to listen to his breathing. And the beeps from the monetised just to make sure he was alive. They will times when he's breath sounded like whispers new. I must've been sleep deprived as i thought. I had him whispering the names of his mother. Father and friends being alone any longer. So i called sarah. She and jenny were on their way to keep me company when my phone rang when i saw jeremy's name on the caller. Id let out an audible. Sigh of relief. Jeremy where are you trying to reach you since yesterday afternoon silence. Hello can you hear me nothing. If you can hand me get to the hospital immediately. Something's happened about. Its best for you to hear it in person. As soon as i finish statement the line tend to static and then cut out. I wasn't sure if jeremy had had me because obviously something was wrong with these phone. I kept trying to call him back but only went to voicemail each time. Sarah jenny arrived at the hospital about two hours after my one sided conversation with jeremy i'd sitting in james's room with the lights on as we've been mostly sitting in the dock until brenda's incidents. I couldn't be in the room with the lights off any longer. The constant fear that feeling in the back of my mind. That's something else was in the room with us would not leave my thoughts when the girls walk into the room. Sarah immediately began crying at the site of james since she hadn't seen him since we left in the helicopter. I think she'd forgotten how terribly looked his skin was still solid black and white scap an image that will never leave my thoughts. Every time i close my eyes. I see him lying the blackened broken remnants of my best friend. I explained to janine. Sarah everything ed happened since james and i arrived at the hospital. Jennie had been pretty calm. The entire time until i mentioned brenda. I was sitting at the top of the hill next to the tree that burned with james in the dream that i was standing and it was. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly dot clouds rolled in and among the sound of thunder. I'd began hearing deafening scream when i tend to the tree. Brenda was standing there. With our arms outstretched. And inflames. I didn't know what to say to. This was eerily similar to my nightmare. But how could she have dreamt brenda burning before even knowing what happened to us we talked about these things and tried to come up with some kind of logical explanation for everything that has happened since the lightning storm but we were at the loss and became more frightened. The more we spoke about. Sarah couldn't handle sitting in the room and talking about it next to james so we decided to go get lunch. I spoke to james's ness and gave my cell phone number. I asked to call me immediately. If jeremy showed up or if there were any changes james's condition walking out of the hospital. I realized as the sunlight blinded me that i hadn't left the buildings inside gotten their best night. The outside was hot. Humid and i immediately began sweating causing my clothes to stick to my skin once my is adjusted to the brightness of the day i began looking around for any sign of jeremy there were a few people will between the cows the building. He was nowhere to be seen. When we arrived at sarah's car. I noticed jeremy and brenda's go buick parked a few spots away. I joked over to the call. Hoping for some sign of jeremy but the car was clean and empty we went to the panera bread about a mile from the hospital. The nice quite restaurants where we could talk more and get some food. I thought we'd be able to talk about everything butts. We mostly just silence meeting a lunch. Once we've finished and realized we couldn't talk about james's situation anymore. We headed back to the hospital to my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach as we pulled into the parking lot. Sirens and lights seemed to be coming from direction and tunnel vision. Overtook my eyes sites. My attention when directly to the fire trucks spraying water on a burning vehicle. A once clean and empty golden buick. The coal black remains of a man lying on the pavement surrounded by paramedics. As if he was speaking of my shoulder. James decaying voice to dow.

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