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Him to gorilla monsoon will live forever in the wrestling business. But most importantly and our memories, and it's pretty cool that everywhere in wrestling. Now, they refer to a certain spot of the arena as the gorilla position. What What a legacy. legacy? Hey left. Yeah. And you talk about that Conrad. I remember because I done it for so long one day. The the crew guys put said grill position, they put the love physician, and I went ballistic that will never be anything else, but the drill position, and I hope that that legacy lives on and on forever and ever. And I, you know, WCW call go position when I went to TNA I made at the grill position. And. Yeah by God. That's the grill position. It will be forever. Absolutely will. And we thank everybody for joining us today on a pretty emotional gorilla. Monsoon tribute episode gone, but not forgotten. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed today's show. If you've got some questions, we love to answer them for you later this week on patriotic pro Tom to wrap it up now. But joined Bruce and ask them some questions about his favorite, Gino memories are on our Facebook Facebook dot com forward slash something..

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