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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn, other than the fact that the Oscars ceremony is happening Sunday without a host, it seems we don't know much about the telecast other than that. There will be an eclectic group of celebrities. Introducing the best picture nominees. Among them are chef Jose, Andres tennis champ. Serena Williams and congressman John Lewis the road to the telecast is littered with ideas that the academy proposed and then ditched like a new award for most popular film to eliminate awards and songs from the live broadcast. The idea was to streamline the ceremony and try to boost falling ratings to unpack where we ban and where we might all go on Sunday. I'm joined by New York Times. Oscar calmness. Kyle buchanan. You know, John is sort of liken it to a politician who is courting undecided. Voters at the expense of his base. You know, if you love the Oscars, you should be operating from a place of convincing people why the Oscars are great, not trimming them down and apologizing for them. And thinking that that's going to win over undecided. It won't and it's only going to infuriate the rest of the industry as the academy has done countless times this season. No. And then you look at the ideas of presenters, and I have to say like Jose Andres. Great chefs great humanitarian, but he is going to be presenting a major awards. Serena williams. I mean, there's some interesting people. But I don't really know what the academy's going for here. If they're worried about making the show more relevant. It doesn't feel like they have an organizing principle. No. I mean, I think that is for better for worse with a host can provide, you know, whether it's a host presiding over a writer's room or a host just giving you sort of a north star to to organize everything around without that the producers of the show have insisted that they're going to have such a list presenters that we won't need a host. But at from this standpoint, and we can talk again, you know after. Sunday show. It's it's not necessarily moving the needle. I would agree in some of those names include Dana, Carvey, not sure. Well, I believe he and Mike Myers. We'll be presenting siemian wraps. Oh, yeah. Because Mike Myers is in it. And of course, they famously sang that song in Wayne's world, Barbara Streisand. I assume she'll be presenting some clips of star is born actually don't know if she will. I had heard that. Serena Williams is presenting a star is born which makes me wonder if Barbara Streisand is presenting the ultimate best picture could be we should stop and say that while the kademi awards are highly rated typically one of the top ten broadcasts in any given year last year show with the lowest rated in Oscar history and ABC which has a long term deal to broadcast the Oscars pays I think the neighborhood about seventy million dollars to to run the show. So it's important that they are able to sell more than seventy million dollars in advertisements. And I think that was what was really motivating the academy. They're trying to make ABC happy. And now, it seems as if the number one mandate that the academy had for the show's producers deliver an Oscar ceremony under three hours won't happen. So people on the east coast won't know the best picture. Winner until probably close to eleven thirty at night. I mean, I don't understand why they don't just move it up a little bit earlier in the day as they deal with the Super Bowl. Nobody is telling the Super Bowl that it needs to be shorter. It is famously larded broadcast to the point where the commercials have become their own thing for the Oscars, which is the second biggest entertainment event on television after the Super Bowl to be treated as sort of the stepchild it kind of confounds me. It's still ABC's. Biggest telecast wouldn't they want to maximize it? Yeah. You would think. So let's talk about the show itself. I would say there are a couple really prominent races, including best picture that have a lot of drama around them. Do you think that will add to the suspense will add to the suspense will it add to the interest as far as the general population tuning in? There are very big movies in contention this year for best picture like Black Panther a star is born bohemian rhapsody, but they are not considered to be the two front runners for best picture. So. For Oskar watchers. Yes, there is a lot of suspense for regular people. Hopefully, Black Panther will get them to tune in. How important are the acceptance speeches because at the nominees lunch? The president of the kademi John Bailey went on at length about how short these speeches should be. And how good they should be. Nobody ever seems to listen though. I mean, yeah, we don't wanna see somebody just recite a long list. Absolutely. But we do want is a moment. I worry by cutting the Oscar telecast to the bone. You're shipping the potential for moments to occur. And now, I want to get some perspective, you know, last year one of the longer speeches was Francis. Mcdormand's best actress speech may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category. 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