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Helps tremendously with absolutely and you mentioned, your ear wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor when my mother passed away from a brain tumor sap had his sister passed away from cancer. During chemotherapy. This thing that helped my mom the most was marijuana bar. None helped her get over another help take pills. Without marijuana. It would have been unfathomably worse. Experience for I mean, ultimately, obviously he passed away, but it would have been like torture every single day, had she not had marijuana to be able to get the medical side of it passed in Massachusetts was, like, was like, fighting a war, and this is something that's helping people. So glad you have the TV that tell stories like that one in really on top of it. All there's a lot of patients as things. Legalize even in California. There's new patients that aren't gonna look at, you know, the traditional methods of marketing magazine's events social media. They're just they don't that doesn't exist in their world, so that ten five fifteen minutes, we have them while they're in the dispensary is a chance for us to expose them to other categories to consume. I mean a day doesn't go by that. I don't have somebody in my Lupu friends asking me about how does what they do. With where they should go get their products. The stigma is being removed quickly. And I think the combination of big pharma taken huge hits on this opiate crisis is really expose the fact that this plant, actually got to speak at.

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