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System in the Middle East up until that point. The. Group that was then known as Lama jihad, but that group took out Israel's eyes and ears in country. They did the same thing when they bombed the US embassy because they bombed the embassy at the same time that the entire station country was meeting. So when Bill Buckley went to Lebanon, he went to really put the flag back on the ground on the smoldering round and say, we're we're back here and had to rebuild something from scratch, the the intelligence services communicate. But sometimes until things have to be cleared. Has to be cleared through various commands. It has to be cleared headquarters. It has to be cleared in Israel's case at the prime minister's level. And then it has to be related to their liaison back back in Langley in the nineteen eighty three nineteen Eighty-four. We're not talking about sending a message on what's up. Everything was delayed. Things were done in a different way. And that intelligence was probably analyzed, and in understood after the fact when Buckley was kidnapped, but we do know because we interviewed the the Mossad station chief in Beirut at the time that the call came out that was all hands effort, they should use all an any of their resources in country to try and locate who has Bill Buckley, and we're where whereas he being held. One eight six six five zero JIMBO to Robert in Burlington, Vermont on the Bohannon show, Robert good evening. Hello, Robert, are you there? Well, perhaps Robert is not there. All right, one eight six six five O, JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six in terms of of lessons learned here. I'm wondering Samuel what? What lessons do you think of been learned from all of this? A lesson. That has been learned that I think that it connects with the books that further, and I wrote Kuroda on Benghazi was that any and all efforts must be made to protect protect the CIA's top man in any country, especially hostile environments, and that was seen in Benghazi when the special mission compound where ambassador Stevens was was using a residence was under attack. There was conflict at the CIA annex nearby as to if they consent forces to reinforce and try and rescue on the special mission compound, the protection of classified information. The protection of what is in the head in memory of high ranking individuals is is belongs to the operational integrity. Of a nation's intelligence service ability to maintain efforts in that country or other countries and not being able to protect William Buckley. Allowing him to to live off campus so to speak and not be protected and not having contingencies. What if because when things go bad, they go bad in a real real hurry was.

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