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Represented lollipop. I'll god i. I watched every watched the first episode with the mic. Polls this week the very first one where it's the one title of the episode is charlie got molested and and yeah and then is it not dennis but mac is frustrated because he never got approached and then he approaches his One of god. It's good show. Oh it's such a good show. I'm surprised you watch with your lady friend because that is the one one show that i just cannot get my spouse to watch or rather he has and it's like no part out yet. It's pr- i i give anybody a pass for having that feeling because that's kind of the point of this show. Humor is not what it used to be. Alexandra kyw you. Mr winkle have decided to move in together speaking those. Are those your topic. I'm sorry origene. Brad i you've got a lot of things to notes. Oh i have so many hard out today. Alexandra hard out do very hard to a sunny villa. Zucca would is is at. I think it's always sunny in. Philadelphia is one of the best gay shows on television. And if if people don't know why that i encourage you to watch the arc of the character max of mack. Okay yes also you know. He really did get fat yes. It's incredibly funny. He must have gained fifty pounds. I can read it. Yes god and i love the slow. Burn the build up. If i can't even remember that's one of those shows like grey's where you're like. We watched episodes last night and the night. Before at one point we had to bounce from you know the coverage to go take a break and we ended up watching this completely different season. Because i just watched that one episode the one episode double seven and two that to yourself. She watched again. It's so good but suddenly we're watching from a different season and i. I mainly know from hair what season i'm looking at obviously from casting. That's so true. Wow yeah because meredith does real slow a lot of really good looks. Yeah i know who is dead or divorced based on the haircuts. God yes but in. I also have to be reminded who all the women are there for a minute and but like addison is gone. Here's the woman who's a beautiful beautiful bird who's either somebody's half sister. She's gonna get married to trainspotting. I hate him so much. Which which once again. Once again my wife had to remind me that he was in trainspotting and also remind me that she previously reminded me that he was in trainspotting. Because he's so on remark. It's a pretty he wants. He's not i mean he's not you know obi wan always on the move anyway. Welcome to dubai friday. We cast about this show in podcast like some marlin like and then of course because charlie and mac are behind mythic quest you get some overflowed there so you get cricket. Cricket has a very important role on mythic west actor. He's so good. I he so one thing i love about that show. You know what i mean you know. I'm always saying like how i i like. I like a movie. The understands what it is. I like a tv. Show anybody where you're sometimes you're like the perhaps the antithesis of that is a phrase. I've i've heard used for a long time. Which is that person's a good actor but they're kind of in a different movie like the same movie as everyone else like. Jim carrey jerry lewis. Like sometimes. When i move maybe maybe on. Snl playing old okay time of healing and you have the hard out. Sorry you and then i was talking about. Oh yeah anyway anyways. Yes and then. Craig mason go figure i mean and they're all set to say. It's kind of an incestuous situation but that's that that is the show will spoil him you. Can you keep. Can you keep a secret. Oh i don't know. I don't have any secrets something. My daughter super wanted for all the greatest reasons that i secretly got her. And of course it's one of those you know we'll text you when it gets made but on the newly yet studios shirt. Oh my gosh..

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