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In the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault trial of the New York recapping our top story gunfire outside saying malachite season north Philadelphia that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm Frank Andrew Kramer at the end of his desk well in a historic move the diocese of Harrisburg becomes the first year in the state of Pennsylvania the file for federal bankruptcy protection I was going to work on some answers to that question from K. Y. W.'s mark Abrams citing lawsuits arising out of the clergy sex abuse scandal the diocese filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy a financial re organization bishop Ronald Gander says the diocese has been under water for some time because of pay outs to abuse victims he says the decision to go into bankruptcy is designed to provide what he called equitable compensation for those who have been harmed while still keeping church ministries open we must work to bring the chapter eleven process to a conclusion as soon as is reasonably possible and in a way that allows us to be present to their communities throughout our fifteen counties as we have been for the past one hundred and fifty two years excluded from the bankruptcy filing our parishes and schools throughout the diocese a lawyer for the diocese claims the assets are owned by those entities he also says well Harrisburg is the first it's very likely other diocese in Pennsylvania will follow the same path Marc Abrams KYW newsradio later this morning the jury will begin day three of deliberations in the rape trial of former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein the jurors had many questions today they asked for re back of testimony from actress Rosie Perez a witness for the prosecution who spoke about her conversations with actress Annabel us your up after her alleged sexual assault they asked for a number of texts and emails including those sent to a private and instigator hired by Harvey Weinstein to look into his accusers while the jury deliberated the defense asked the judge to put a gag order on attorney Gloria Allred who represents several of wind speeds accusers think of where the defense should be gagged and I should be able to come out and speak you every day the judge said it wasn't in his power to do so Steve cast in democratic court in New York there's been a deadly animal attack in the hills of southeastern Kentucky investigators believe a thirteen year old boy whose body was found on a mountainside behind a house outside hazard Kentucky died from an apparent animal attack Hey it's a really difficult thing to go through the obviously the the biggest focus has to be on this family at this time authorities aren't sure what kind of animal was involved in the teens death Jim chrysalis CBS news dateline Roman Italian prosecutor says the captain of the net Lebanese flag cargo ship was arrested in northern Italy and is being investigated for international arms trafficking between Turkey and Libya they are trying to figure out who the connection is that the guns and rockets and tanks were intended for NASCAR driver line Newman out of the hospital Ryan Newman's team Roush Fenway tweets that he's been released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach the announcement came about two hours after they tweeted a picture showing him standing with his two little girls saying that he'd shown quote great improvement latest tweet includes a picture of the three of them walking out of the hospital this afternoon Newman and his wife Chrissy had announced their separation just days before the race but she's also posted the picture of the words best site ever Peter king's CBS news Orlando now K. Y. W. sports the report sponsored by septa Schering your local I. T. sports update right no one overall winner at all Wednesday night ninety one seventy one the cancer now twenty six big east south for the medical arena Sixers return to action after a long all star break Thursday nine South Philadelphia the host the nets Sixers NBA best twenty five and two at home this season red brown said on Wednesday he'll continue to bring al Horford off the bench for now I think that try to throw the rotation as his organs to click throughs with twenty seven games my mind set used to take this next seven games and really get the schools are location and then take that long a brand heads when asked will start for first place it could change with each game or for could end up starting with the Sixers play teams with two big men in their starting lineup flyers in Columbus Thursday night wires with blue jackets center Tuesday night five to one feels another day closer to their first greatly game it's Saturday up in a lake won against the Tigers Nick but better Joe Girardi starting pitcher who's in the starting lineup Reese Hoskins for one I'm not mistaken you might see Reese the first game I have to look but we started making line ups are ready so the players know where they're gonna be when the plan what position because we have a lot of guys are fighting for a couple spots and their utility guys we want to play all over so they.

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