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The shootout to get it rose six shot we're not we're not having this conversation so that was a great wrister are on the upper a top shelf right side to keep it alive and then lemerre davis and sealed it people are talk about this yeah it was unbelievable julie foudy are espn element correspondent was on your son show first and last and she talked about what an amazing about this was for them to be in that moment everything out ally chocolate shopping up to six shoot out and her being able to drag big and so calmly put that away 20yearold goalkeeper matti rooney do in as well as she did it is a goal it's just i was in a smiling because i though the emotional toll that was a canada videos has taken on nafta and i talked about earlier on this isn't the time discuss of another you said that the shootouts but it is exciting and secret rusher hubs of fleischer on that for now from the goaltender sign obviously the shooter side as well is matt is on you it's one thing through the course of play to make a play or not make a play but when it's all on you you have the puk no one second the puck from you know you have a opened skate to the to the goaltender there's a goaltender gotta make that stocks there is something to that i do understand the excite matured i'd rather see him play it out but poor the pressure the one on one pressure there is amazing well julie foudy knows that as well as anyone because she was part of the ninety nine us world cup soccer team that beat china one nothing at the rose bowl in that world cup final at and went to a shootout and of course brady chastain right oh yeah infamous leia it gets the game when he goal they're in that shootout so she knows that pressure very well by the way just just so people understand what a big deal this is a janssen the former speech gaps yeah i went through so many trials and tribulations finally winning his gold medal is a friend of mine he texted me a while we're on the air and said buddy was at the us canadian gold medal game today one of the most exciting games of anything i've ever been to and then he sent me video uh in the text of.

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