Jerry Falwell, William F Buckley, Washington Post discussed on Katie Couric - 38. Dan Savage: Sex and Candor


The aids epidemic we were just in of gay people started coming out on mass after the stonewall riots nineteen sixty nine and there was this kind of balkan all is she a youthful exuberant adolescence of the movement were people were just so thrilled to be out in open and able to live openly love openly and it was just kind of a party and that was the you know the hedonism that people are jerry falwell pointed to and condemned and then the aids epidemic slammed in the community and you suddenly saw that can whom we suffered and died and we suffered and died and loved and took care of each other at a time when even our own families refuse to take care of us plus the activists them i think that that grew out of the eighth epidemic i think made a lot more people aware and exposed to the fact that there are a lot of gay people in the world right and it didn't it be it put put them front and center in some ways obviously under terrible circumstances but gave them much greater attention and if people don't have awareness obviously it's hard for them to go from awareness to acceptance right road it was a terrible circumstance in some ways to to borrow for is also are finest hour because we didn't collapse new people forget what was being said that i remember it over distinctly need william f buckley seeing the game and should be tattooed on the arm in the buttocks are you had people talking about mass quarantining of openly gay people on islands pat buchanan floated that in columns that ran in the washington post.

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