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Okay where does the concept of having agents encouraging guys puke at the nhl combine come from let's go questions this week you'll have story no what is the encourage them to puke this would have been two thousand and six nhl draft this is the story told to me thousand six who's a player played in the nhl by the name of theo peckham member theo peckham big defenseman oil i called them ted ted pacman that's right okay so theo pack playing with the owen sound attack of the oh l is doing i don't know whether it was view to max was one of the events at the combine that involves a bike and work themselves so hard to the point where if you now you go to the combine there's a separate area that's all curtained off and there's no you know no signs on it nothing but all the kids know that if you're gonna puke go there that's where you do it because what was happening was you know a lot of the scouts south east peckham do that and we're a lot of scouting services and a lot of teams had don't know like fourth fifth maybe six round up going to third round because the feeling on on theo peckham after the combine was this kid will work himself to the point of exhaustion this is a guy that you want in your organizations so that was told to me there are a number of agents next year the combine that were telling all of their clients no matter what you do even if you don't have to try to make yourself you when you get off the bike.

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