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Viewing plaid's thank you so much for your support on patriots on in this week's episode we are going to be discussing dead end in this episode in our feature presentation. Ted walsh is here to help kick start a new mini series of sorts on the show. But first let's get into our opening credits are filmed. This week is dead. End which was directed by william wyler was released in nineteen thirty seven dead end stars. Sylvia sidney joel mccrea and humphrey bogart and also features claire trevor in the slums of new york on the east river. Just below the queensboro bridge. Wealthy people live in opulent and luxurious apartments because of the picturesque views of the river. All the destitute and poor live nearby in crowded cockroach infested tenements at the end of the street is a dock on the east river to the left of the luxury apartments and to the right of the slums the dead end. Kids led by tommy gordon or a gang of street urchins who are already well on the path to a life of petty crime members of the gang. Besides tommy include dippy angel spit tb and milky the new kid on the block in search of friends split is a bit militias with cruel streak and initially bullies the newcomer and takes his pocket. Change however tommy. Eventually let's milky. Join the gang and he turns out to be both a loyal and generous friend. Tommy's sister drina dreams of marrying some dashing rich stranger who will save tommy and her from this miserable life of poverty and help prevent tommy from growing up to be a mobster..

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