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Systems couldn't find a way to pull away and and create some time and space for himself. Just kept getting razz from behind on that what would have been a two on one. That's to ban making a good job. He's doing a good job in the neutral zone. Keeping his gap is able to pick off a long stretch pass. And turn it the other way. I think just putting it on Nancy get the whistle. Get the offense zone drops. Joe wins the face off back for Yosi his shot misses to the short side. Coming back after it. Matt Calvert, the jacket who centre Neo tips it in against Ryan Johannesen tries to put it out in Brooklyn Soderbergh and now Forsberg rips off the right board shopped at by Johannesen and played down ice by yellow. Johnson Colorado onto the right wing side. Just across the line and the Eto Eto. Coming in behind Soderbergh Calvert with a shot deflected to the corner. Back behind the Nashville net. The puck comes out brought but deflected away, and it's Biala who deals on over for Philip Forsberg, and it's an offside predators. Trying to enter the Colorado zone. Forsberg delaying waiting for some help to come helpless coming. He just didn't realize how fast it was coming. Roman Yosi down the fire wings. Just got ahead of them sell. Do the splits to stay onsides. Just not that flexible. So the faceoff will be outside the Colorado line of the predators right wing side. Shots right now. Six to four it's pretty even game right now. I'm not sure you could say one team is has taken control of his game in total agreement with you their systems wins the draw from dano comes inside the Colorado lion. Predators getting a quick change. Now ahead of Kaman down the left wing trying to step it around the Annick. Tamilnet great reach of his with the puck comes away. And you've started back up ice and given on over on the left wing for the keto potato came across the line. The predators are upside their consecutive trips to the Colorado zone. The predators have gone off offside. Yeah. I'm not sure what it is. If you give a little credit to the avalanche is doing a good job.

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