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WANNA. Do. You know that these guys he doesn't want to necessarily kill just. Miserable for a few hours get. got. Several degrees, right. If you just upset me but you not threatening your. Power. And I'm just going to give you a running. Yes Be. For a couple of hours is you'll be itchy yet You know beyond that then we start thinking about plutonium. Novacek. Latest Guy. Guys. been given. DEARY ME I. I I did I said to Alexandria so that was. Hadn't even stayed. She's because you know the Russian doctors initially they said that these low blood pressure and then they said that he was too ill to travel you know and then they announced that he was well enough to travel and. And then they said we've detected no poison in his bloodstream and I said, let's Alexandra's said what he really said was we've detected know Putin I mean poison in his blogs. By the way I have to ask there was no caption. It was this video that Leeann put up there which kid was on the boat I couldn't tell us that was Charlotte okay. Feeling but it was so far away the video that I couldn't really see who it was. But and she didn't put any caption of Mike. Land you gotTa put who what am I looking at? You know what I cannot alone means is very, very say sunny will put up a picture I believe this and you WanNa go when you talking about yes. She was obviously seeming that most of the people she was thinking of new the child is assailing lesson Idea I was like it looks like fun. She loves the water she. So she was in lit- wet suit wet put her middle name as area. Yeah and By the way. is she less noise she? So she she was sailing around the walls pot and Having a good time. Synchronized. Swimming. She's going to this often name. So that's all sorts of think sight. So, anyways, yeah so Burger King pays his company they put these. Reason. and. At, first the twitch streamers like what is going on. And then they figure out what's going on, and now they're all upset because they're like, Hey, a big company like Burger King. If you WANNA sponsor us, then you you need to pay us we'll they kinda did pay you. You got paid for that AD said Paul Paul. The problem here is apparently these reeds we've pay the you can have the going up the side for free that if you want it to be read out by a computer generated speech system, that's when you pay the five dollars. So they kind of felt. The well, they felt that I'm a big company like Burger King there I'd agency had abused this system to get a cheap cheap ad reads on their podcast on twitch stream rather than doing what they felt should have done, which is reach out say we WANNA do response sponsorship we want to pay you whatever the going rate is fee to regular sponsorship read now. Okay I mean you could say that the AD company was clever. By exploiting what is apparently a loophole in the twitch system? How was it a loophole? They paid? They had their ad read. Because it's it's. The system is not meant to be used for advertisers rules. Says twitch. No desert. It's not in there they there's nothing out there about. Twitch, were very careful not to condemn. This were of course now. They're getting cut too. So you look, this is a bit of a story is clever of the advertising advertising company might take on it always well, you know. I suspect part of yours most reaction colored by the fact that. We don't watch twit streams and We kind of I. I personally find a lot of the stuff that goes on in twit streams to be bit infantile and pointless but not because I'm a grumpy old man And and so when I see them, Gallini Gig bent out of shape over it I you know I. It's difficult. Yes. It's difficult to fill too sympathetic towards the switch stream is because they just know our core audience. Yeah, and you know and it it does come sometimes come across a little bit of extra drama on the Internet you know. Having said that I think what it up to me why maybe this is still my grumpy old man coming out when I read this. I thought. Well, you know what? The in some respects, the trick streams have a point in that. This is a big company and their advertising agency doing something they think is very clever, but it just goes to show how quickly getting people are prepared to do something that they know is going to upset people and go where we don't care. and to me I think that very much sums up large parts of the marketing industry, which is las like they just don't care about people and they don't care about trampling on people and You know upsetting them anything like that because all publicity's public- newest bad publicity. In this case is true because you'll where the Bogey Burger King feels quite sanguine about this. Because Paul, advertising presumably not upsetting you'll potential customers and I would imagine you know most of the people who are both by this all gonna go out way to avoid bogeying for a while. The all twelve people. Malia. We let you and I both have no knowledge of the demographics of that know whether it's versatile whether it's effective will know whether it would Well, it wasn't because I actually wash some of the clips and the people that were streaming the content producers themselves saying, why are you saying that you're making me want Burger King now and I might boom. You go down and then the the stories about it. Every one of them's mentioned Burger King and reading the text Ad. Well, that's why said and publicity published eastbound publicity well I only. Publicy, and bird shit food too so I mean. I will say they're impossible walker. The one that's plant based thing. It's not bad. It's kind of a weird aftertaste like ten months later but that's no Democrat Regular Burger King Foods. That's right. I we wear. My my family as we as we, we don't eat kosher meat out We all big fans of all of those things. So you know I yeah I've always appreciated. The became been at the forefront and bringing those things the market in terms of this I'm you know let's not blame Burger King much for this. This was the company who did this? Yeah they don't now..

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