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Praxis is an error in speech memory or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought so that's partially accurate. Here's the original definition finishes on Oxford English Dictionary and unintentional mistake. That seems to reveal a sub-conscious intention nice so what did this. When did this come about it actually started with Sigmund Freud shortly after he started practicing he was born in eighteen fifty six and died in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine and most of these things started creeping into the lexicon just shortly after his death or even while he was still alive he was has made fun of while he was alive by some of his colleagues but then he also just Kinda was respected as well by people so in nineteen sixty exte- three in Blake wrote in deadly joker. It was an odd little slip of the tongue. They call them. Freudian slips nowadays so this was only thirty years after after his death die found references that were in literature in the fifties so it definitely had been used prior to that one of my favorite things about a Freudian slip. The common definition Russian is say one thing but you actually mean your mother well done on an episode of the Youtube Series sideshow site in the video. Do Freudian slips mean anything. There's a great overview of this topic and it gives the real low down on it turns out. It's actually all about how our brains process language we mix things up like words that sound similar in our heads and sometimes our brain doesn't catch the mistake before it reaches our mouth. It's not as much to do with subconscious desires but more the inability ability to properly process information before blurting it out and thanks to the fast pace at which prince catch and the dreadfully slow rate eight at which inaccurate scientific data is corrected in our society. Freudian slip is officially an idiom so not only does it not make sense independently if you don't know who freight is but its origin has been disproven so you gotTa Love Language that would bug me as a bit of an anal retentive could've person which is another thing that came from. Florida isn't it very much is well-done anal retentive which is commonly shortened to anal describe hype someone who gives so much attention to detail that it's nearly obsessive and it can be very annoying to others potentially you to the point that it it could be harmful even to the anal retentive person. I don't know what you're talking about. It's frequently paired with calling someone type. A retentive often has a negative connotation in the United States and in European countries the Oxford English dictionary shares this definition initiation as addictive of relating to or designating the latter part of the anal stage of infantile psycho sexual development associated with retention in a feces displaying excessive orderliness parsimony or obstinacy interpreted by psychoanalysts as the result of fixation at the anal stage stage especially its latter part and as a noun a person who displays these characteristics nice way to be lazy well. It's still usually seen as a flaw. People use the term it now to describe themselves but often jokingly in that kind of self deprecating humor style that we all love going back to nineteen ninety nine and the wonderful movie dogma we have it used with a little bit of a funny tone here. Loki says never let it be said Ed that your anal retentive attention to detail never yielded positive results arnold replies. You can't be anal retentive if you don't have an anus and Loki says outstanding outstanding work. I do love that movie. Will you can find new episodes of bunny trails every Wednesday on Itunes spotify or wherever you get your podcast if you like say hello catches on twitter instagram or sometimes even facebook all at bunny trails pot thanks to you. Moxie and thanks to all of your listeners for having us back on the show and remember words belong to their users. Thanks guys as we've mentioned. Fruit believed every adult characteristic could be linked back to a sexual or quasi sexual incident in childhood. He was convinced that sexual molestation was the cause of adult psycho neuroses for it believed everything is patients told him without without the application of critical analysis he would interpret their dreams as distorted evidence of actual events in their past neurotic patients must have repressed their memories of abuse he thought and it was his job to bring those to light at first he thought Nannies were the abusers then he came to believe. It was is almost universally. The patients fathers when a patient stories sounded too outlandish to be real Freud would flip his interpretation. These weren't memories. They were fantasies. He decided his patients were merely fantasizing about sex with their fathers because of an oedipus complex or because they were trying had to cover up childhood masturbation and sexual exploration helping patients cover repressed memories isn't limited to Freud sadly for a great great retelling of how doctors helped cause a satanic panic in the eighties. Check out the very first episode of one of my favorite podcasts your wrong about and also episode twenty two on multiple personality disorder and then the rest of the episodes Freud displayed an expanding getting grandiosity as his career progressed saying that psychoanalysis was the only possible treatment for certain conditions with very little provable success us when faced with that fact freed stated that therapeutic success was not even his primary aim rather he was trying to give patients a conscious awareness of their unconscious wishes he told a friend quote we do analysis for two reasons to understand the unconscious and to make the living we certainly cannot help them for he believed dreams could reveal arcane knowledge and were more accurate than conscious memories he also put stock by the paranormal numerology and cultism. He claimed that his critics weren't entitled to pass. Judgment on psycho analysis analysis because they didn't understand it. It's like every bad behavior from an internet comment thread but being perpetuated by someone that people were trusting to help them to see the Sigmund Freud had a bit of a problem with women would be an understatement. He held that women were biologically. Inferior to men and women's problems stemmed essentially from them not having a penis women in his view didn't have a good sense of justice were weak. Socially I have a jealous nature and are exceedingly vain. Freud was also known to believe women to be the problem in society especially when it comes to incidents of sexual we'll tension once a little girl discovers there are different sexes. She experiences penis envy resenting her mother for denying her one and desiring desiring her father because he has one as she will never have a penis or what he's really saying. She will never be a man a woman will always have an underdeveloped superego thus remain quote morally inferior to men while Freud promoted penis envy as fact others categorized categorized it as a mere reflection of the social mores of the time which privileged the belief of straight men and viewed women as passive creatures as Betty Friedan wrote in the feminine Mystique because Freud's followers could only see women in the image defined by Freud Inferior Childish Helpless with no possibility of happiness unless she adjusted to being a man's passive object they wanted to help women get rid of their suppressed envy. Their neurotic desire desire to be equal. They wanted to help women find sexual fulfillment as woman by affirming their natural inferiority. Freud's weights views on the inferiority of women derived at least in part from anatomy even though he never studied anatomy in a serious way he viewed sexual pleasure from the clitoris as juvenile and immature the vagina was the woman's Mature Sexual Center and he thought that if women did not orgasm when they had sex with men and it was due to penis envy as forty in contemporary Frank Caprio rights whenever a woman is incapable of achieving an orgasm via Coitus Coitus provided the husband isn't adequate partner and prefers clitoral stimulation to any other form of sexual activity she can be regarded as suffering from frigidity and requires psychiatric assistance in atomic speaking the Vagina serves a reproductive purpose and lacks the degree of sensitivity of the clitoris which has no other function than that of sexual pleasure a twenty seventeen study published in the journal of sex and marital therapy reports that only eighteen percent of women less than one in five can even achieve an orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone so yeah not so good with the fundamental mental understanding of women's Anatomy in a nineteen seventy essay an coat goes on to argue that the myth of the vaginal orgasm popularized by Freud worried perseveres primarily because quote the best physical stimulant for the penis is the woman's vagina holding the power to make.

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