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Bobby bones post show pre show a couple of things to do the Morgan here. The first thing is a food world that we talked about yesterday that we're now going to do because this one. I don't know if I like it or not This is a segment that Morgan has suggested she built it. It's about food here. We go Each time for food world with Morgan Number. Two well chips. Ahoy decided to release a new cookie. An has sour patch kids in it. That's interesting because I like sour patch. Kids and I love chips. Ahoy cookies but I don't know if I would like those two together amy. What do you think about? That doesn't sound good to me. No I don't want to mix sour with my chocolate. I don't even mind Souren chocolate. It's the cookie part of it. The would bother me okay. Well I'm B- The chocolate chip cookie part. Yeah no I don't I don't do that but it. Hey and they're already Morgan yet. They've they've been spotted at some places but nobody can confer. What grocery stores? So they're out. They saw dollar tree. So if you see me dollar tree that out right now there you go thank you. That's food. Will Morgan over to food world with mortgage number two num- now want to walk through. A flashback. Friday for today and I want to do nine thousand nine hundred ninety two here. You Go. Flashback Friday twenty. Eight years ago. I was twelve the biggest country song on this day in Nineteen ninety-two was Neon Moon from Brooks and die.

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