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We're gonna take away your best player. They're probably going to do everything they can to take Aaron Donald out of the game. And so does soon dummy affect the way he has the first two games. I also really take a a loss conversation or something that probably won't get talked about enough is this. The patriots have become. Smash mouth football team in doing. So they've utilized the fullback Devlin more than any team in football. The Rams really played with one inside linebacker, and then they play with Mark baron who is an ex safety that. Yes does play linebacker. But we all know, he's not a linebacker. He's a two hundred fifteen to two hundred and twenty pounds kind of athlete, and I got to imagine that Josh mcdaniels embellish sector going to go. We're gonna make sure that we put Devlin on Mark, Barron. Space mask a lot in. We're gonna make Mark Barron. Fifties runs versus are really good fullback at ton. And I believe that's going to be a huge advantage for New England and just controlling the clock. When you flip it, you gotta understand like Bella chicks, go the only way this team beats me is if we're bad in the play action games, and we are bad in the play action defense. I got to imagine that. But when you look at how they're gonna play they're gonna play really slow on the second and third levels defensively. They're not their linebackers will not be flowing to the ball. He's gonna put a guy at the point of the bunch. He's gonna force that run to be back into the middle of the field, and those linebackers just gonna play slow and go Sean McVay this is Super Bowl. We're gonna force you to run the ball forty five times. Are you patient enough to run the ball forty bucks on those are a couple of things that I'm watching the game? I'm going that is going to have huge swing impact on the outcome. Is the man as you can tell Dan Orlovsky follow him on Twitter. Dan, Roloff ski seven that. You know, everything is doing for. Yes. PIN get up and radio and game broadcasts. He had a terrific really first season in the media. Didn't unbelievable job. I love any chance. I get to chat with him. Thanks so much for coming on the show as always, Dan, always a pleasure, brother, Briquet, your friendship, and thank you told you guys before and I'll tell you again about borough. It's awesome. Now, you guys know that casper has been a sponsor of the show for years. And that's because it's an awesome company..

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