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It's like a new fad. The mom is called island. She's primary schoolteacher but likes that. She had real trouble. Finding a school place for her autistic son Alpa ipad, dole dune mister Gatti's Manal Highland. We didn't know what autism was when Oprah was born sixteen years ago. Honeyball majority of the population. Still doesn't know what autism is and feel uncomfortable with their kids playing in the same environment is an autistic child taking on making their kids might get hurt or they will copy their behavior. It's not easy. I had trouble communicating with him. He was refusing to talk, and then he would have a meltdown because of things he couldn't explain he would cry nonstop so out betrayed quite a few schools, both mainstream and specialist, but none of them seem to be good fit. Alpers better is suffer. He's eight is older. And he did what he could to help. I was very involved to my brother's education like the event to some of the special therapies, and he is not interested in like there are lots of cards or or learning materials on the on the table. And he's not interested in a lot of town. At that time. I was nonverbal he has very hard time to learn some sort of cognitive skills. But then suffered notice that upper love playing on his smartphone. I actually like very he would like to use it. He wants to find a picture what we take like two months. Sago and show it to me. And I realized that if I can utilize that kind of concentration and capability that kind of life changer for him. So he gave his tablets and tried to find computer games for him to play. But couldn't find anything suitable. That was the moment. He decided to do something about it..

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