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Prices while the proudest smaller usually six seven, I'll get people. We certainly have been getting a good portion of our budget from Christmas concert exposure. And so that's a good thing. People are investing in kids. And they realize bay takes money to do that the people of Oxford munc- realized that I'm not sure the state does. He's busy Jared Holcomb there. He's writing this. Jared wanna tell us about a little bit about what youth horizons does and what what this benefits? Yeah. So all the money raised will be going to support local children and their families here in Wichita Sedgwick county, we have a mentoring program for boys and girls aged five to fourteen where we matched them with members of the community. And then we have four residential homes where we house kids in state custody and private place trying to provide a home where we can work on some of their behavioral issues and our goal. There is to get them to a less restrictive environment. I'm so they can be able to be reintegrated back with their families, possibly go hunting, grandparents or just whatever their unique situation is so it's a great concert that will have dinner and dessert and all that money will go to support the kids and families we serve well. Yeah. And you can just tell that the that money that is generated on Monday night just will directly help these kids here right near our own communities. That need the help. It's fantastic annual Christmas concert benefiting youth horizons coming up on Monday night at the crown uptown Ernest Alexander now, I know you have you sing as part of this mega event on Monday is are there..

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