Goldman, India discussed on The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network - #193 Dave Collins & Jake Yocom-Piatt: Decred - A Hybrid Approach to Blockchain Governance


Just as a store of value so perhaps if you know from that perspective there will still be value in an even in the value may be derive from the fact that a straight can't change that it is the immutable store of value so i think that's a you know a valid viewpoint as far as i mean but in my opinion i think that it's usefulness as a currency if it can't come up with some form of governance system some way to continue moving forward will be greatly diminished overtime one of the challenges with bitcoin is there ultimately you can think of the coin orders as ladies as the ultimate shareholders of this system rate but now these shareholders as sort of the kuwaiti lease miners in order to secure the chain and immune bitcoin what happens is that the shareholders are completely held hostage to in or go to the gym is only the mining community can really upgrade the gene and lightly shareholders the actual shareholders gone have a say india read process how but saying the upgrade process at all i think this is a fundamental problem it proof of workrelated been with this minimalist work you're going to need you'll have these two different communities the coin odors and the miners and they may be at odds with each other so venue out vending venue mobilink declared and it was like to be a system there's focused on goldman's why did you choose to look at all why not go for the fuel will seek system and cartel mining community.

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