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The sponsored by propel insurance Stocks ended modestly higher today than down industrials and S&P 500 rising 64 and 21 points respectively to notch fresh closing highs After the close Facebook reported mixed third quarter results the social media giant posted per share earnings of 3.22 slightly beating expectations but revenue of $29.01 billion came up shy of estimates If you work in the technology industry you're generally well compensated A recent report from hired showed that the average tech salary in Seattle is $158,000 behind only San Francisco or the averages 165,000 The Seattle Mariners all time best players now part of the baseball team's ownership Club announced today that Hall of Famer Ken griffey junior who played 13 seasons with the Mariners has taken a financial stake in the team something he called a dream come true That's your money now I'm Jim cesko como news The Francis haugen the Facebook whistle lorises her former employer not only tolerated hate but encouraged it in a campaign to keep more users on its platform for longer ABC's Pierre Thomas has more League of thousands of pages of internal documents raising more questions about Facebook and whether the social media giant has fueled hate Facebook whistleblower Francis Hogan provided redacted documents to Congress Facebook makes more money when you consume more content Hogan who testified before Congress earlier this month spoke in front of the British Parliament It fans hate right Anger and he is the easiest way to grow on Facebook A set of documents showing that restrictions deployed by Facebook to limit potential harmful content and mitigate violence were rolled back after the 2020 election Como traffic.

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