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And breaking news. It was devastating last night. I was a devastating speech. We covered it live here on seven sixty. I was trying to think of the analogy for what the president was successfully able to pull off last night as it related to to really only one sliver of the speech because so much of the speech. You kind of newest coming right? You news talk about border security. You knew he was gonna make the argument for barriers and for limiting the flow of people who wanna come into the country to murder innocent people. You knew that that was all going to be the case. But I didn't know, and I didn't expect that he would take quite the swing at socialism. And socialist in the way that he did. And it was remarkable. I was trying to figure the analogy out on this one part of me thought it was it was like when your kid goes away to college as a freshman and comes home at thanksgiving or Christmas and starts talking crazy at the table about stuff that they never would have believed six months earlier, but because some professor who smells of potentially Winston cigarettes stood in front of the classroom and berated everybody they started to buy in. They were the indoctrination begins to not not necessarily pay dividends but begins to really manifest itself in front of people that otherwise would never have manifested. Alexandra Cossio Cortes is the face of the Democratic Party in the congress. Make no mistake. Nancy Pelosi runs the show, and she's got her lieutenants in charge of the day to day. But the ideological goddess of the congress of the Democratic Congress is Alex Zander Cossio Cortez. She fancies herself sort of a Princess Di or Megan Markle of socialism. This hot new thing that's on the scene that everybody's excited about because it's never really been seen before. It's different than Bernie Sanders who prances around in a Speedo and topless getting drunk in the Soviet Union in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight with his reprobate wife who would go onto loot university in Vermont as he aggregates money by essentially defrauding people with his phony beliefs pretending to be a democrat. But really hiding behind the fact that he's a socialist independent from Vermont. It's different than the open borders maniacs, like Luis Gutierrez who have labored to do real damage to our Republic from the inside of the congress. It's even different than Elizabeth Warren who's a notable fraud. Who's a proven liar and somebody who's actually engaged in fraud, both professionally and academically by walking around prancing about in claiming that she's something she's not which is a native American all for her own personal enrichment, Cossio Cortez is different because she was like the college kid that came home for the holiday and got lectured by dad, Donald Trump who looked at our cross the table pounded, his fist and said, we are not socialist. We are never going to be socialist. And you better get that crazy notion out of your head. If you want me to keep writing the checks for your tuition, I thought of that as an analogy, and then I thought of the different analogy I've mentioned this on the air before. And it certainly not original to me that's been passed down for generations, the idea that the parents or the grandparents catches you smoking cigarettes. And then makes you smoke a carton of them. So that you turn green become physically sick. You never wanna smoke another cigarette. Again, these days that would be called child abuse. But back once upon a time, it would be referred to as as a teachable moment. And that's that's also sort of what he did. Because for too long, these people that run around prancing inside, the congress and the Senate claiming to be progressives. And they're really socialists. And I don't mean economic Justice social Justice warriors socialist, I mean, the sorts of socialists that would have made Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, Lavanchy beret. And and the enforcers like Trotsky the people who actually took people and murdered them in Lubyanka because they didn't carry the orthodoxy with them. I'm talking about those kinds of socialists, the revolutionaries who thought nothing of killing hundreds or thousands of people because they thought they opposed the revolutionary vision that was being laid out what Bernie Sanders and Warren and many of the other socialists in the congress have. Have benefited from for a number of years is sort of a nostalgic charm of socialism, remember back in the in the Cold War when there was an actual ongoing debate about economic views and models for the world. They always like to sell it that way, that's where the the college professor is not to Pachulia smelling rotting teeth. Winston cigarette smoking leftist, but rather sort of the charming cross-eyed vaguely harmless likely to be reading Pravda in his office. When you come by for advising just because he's kinda curious about being a little bit different than most people expect that kind of a professor of the the relatively harmless. Professor who has he's crazy ideas that maybe he inherited from his immigrant parents who came from the old country, and we're seeking a measure of revolution. That would elevate them. Right. That's that's that's sort of the other model. And I think Bernie Sanders in the idiots, and let's not make a mistake. The these are these are the idiots the. Idiots of the people who try to soft cell you socialism. They don't want to talk about what chez Guevara did to people especially indigenous peoples. They don't wanna talk about the inherent racism of the Cuban communist revolution. And how they looked down seriously down on the people of South America and look down even worse on blacks in Cuba, and in sub Saharan Africa as they tried to export the revolution around the world. The Cubans Cuban revolutionaries the Cuban communists are among the most virulent racist on the planet. If you have any doubt point to the people who are afro Cubans who ever ascended into the leadership roles in the government. They're not they are they are lily, white Spaniards who are Cubans who oppress the people of color in that island, and that sort of that sort of behaviors been exported around the world in different regimes, communism, and socialism is a murderous an awful thing. There's nothing the style GIC about and so while there was a part of me that was drawn to watching the president. Call out the socialists and say, oh, you know, you'll get you cranky old crusty old fried egg sandwich. Maine mayonnaise breath. Socialist. I'm not gonna take you seriously. He took it seriously. You know, why he took it seriously because thousands of people have been disappeared through central and South America for the better part of sixty years during the heyday of the Soviet the Soviet menace against the rest of the world. They turned Cuba into quite literally a beach beachhead a base of operations for terrorist organizations groups like Black September and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The people who carried out the assassinations in Munich, the provisional IRA in the Irish Republican Army itself, they all found themselves being trained there in Cuba under the tutelage of the Soviet KGB and the Castro brothers, the people who would export things like the Red Army Faction, the batter Meinhof gang, the different terrorist organizations that held a Europe hostage through the night. Nine hundred sixties and seventies would all be trained in Cuba would all be incubated in Cuba, and they would spread like like a political version of of of a disease to the rest of Latin America and South America and Africa. They would spread this murderous ideology. They would spread it everywhere. And they would hope for the best, and you would end up paying dividends in places like the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. You would end up seeing people like the like the. The communist revolutionaries in El Salvador, working to destabilise Central America. You would see it manifest itself through nations in South America itself. More broadly, and that would unfortunately give rise to strong men like Pinochet in Chile and a lot of the other folks. It was a dangerous time to be alive and socialism is not something to play with because socialism responsible for the assassination upwards of two hundred and fifty million people on the face of this planet, maybe even more when you factor in those millions of people who will never be known that were exterminated in China who will never be known that were exterminated in Tabet who will never be known who were exterminated in Paul and and in parts of India people who were exterminated in Cambodia under Pol Pot, and of course, the vicious nasty Russian menace. The assassinations of millions there in the Ukraine and people who were displaced and deposited out into the gulags inside Syria. Socialism is nothing short of murder, and it's fitting that last night at the state of the union address, the president of the United States would put cheek by jowl this murderous ideology of socialism currently on display in Venezuela. Where? Where Maduro has gone on the installment plan to murdering his own people selling forty percent of his gold reserves last year to try to keep the country afloat. He is so insolvent that even the Russians are thinking about bailing out on him. This guy has enjoyed the misery. He has spread destabilization. He has exported into Columbia and other states in South America, and seems to just have an analyst appetite for murder and misery and death and destruction and you name it, and that's the sort of ideology that casual Cortez's flirting with she thinks it's okay to flirt with the gang member until the gang member pulls the gun and puts it in her mouth on a Saturday night and threatens to kill her. And then what does she do? She calls daddy to save her. But I love the bad boy until he's the bad. Boy, I love the bat ideology until it starts to try to kill you. Then you cry for help. This is not a game. This is real life. What you saw a raid in the balconies there last night with the liberator of the concentration camp and the victim of the concentration camp or to people who witnessed socialists, most evil outcome imaginable and win that mask was ripped from the face of every socialist in the congress and in the country last night. That's why you ended up with denture sucking faces from people on the day as an angry old man socialist faces sitting out in the crowd because finally the murder and destruction had been unmasked America will never be a socialist country because merica will never be a socialist country. Sorry Eos see mission. Failing eight hundred seven sixty K FM be my name's Brett winnable. I love freedom. AM seven sixty talking breaking news, Jim Charlotte with headlines the rainfall totals from the last five days are in and they're pretty impressive along the coast. Oceanside got two and a half inches of rain Carlsbad and San Diego just under two inches Escondido just over two inches and fallbrook three and a half inches of rain. A thirty one year old woman was killed in a solo rollover crash on the eighth freeway near live oak springs last night, the crash Kurt around eleven east of Crestwood road. The woman was traveling eastbound when she lost control of her car veered off the roadway. An overturned victim was found pinned under the car and pronounced dead at the scene a lab confirmed. Flu cases in San Diego County increased by roughly twenty five percent last week. But there were no flu related deaths in the region for the second consecutive week..

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