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Take this is larry glenn causton telling his story disaggregated real hiphopping but i'm just interject for one minute i was invited by michael mixing moore who at that time it become went to college had become very well known who did parties for celebrities and he was instrumental in my career inviting me to we need i quit my job become a rapper inviting me to set and each of these algebra susan became the rapper resident rapper at his club corby rooftop recall me when they said mike i'm doing magic johnson twenty second birthday party at the variety are senator on come on came did my little thing i wrote for magic and this guy comes up to me and says man rather after the show and we were both standing there watching this line of girls coming up to magic johnson table sitting with michael johnson nobody big last bowl and they would come up if you were put their number phone glass bottle bowl that we should not to table we up that awhile and then well wrap come on by my house was planning 'cause i just beat nice to you and gotten according contract thought that i would cloudy east coast formula after my wreck and creating the hidden i would produce records on other artists glenn capital after over to my team was so cold written i said where have been call my producer change in the whole concept of this that the disco daddy hadn't thought of his name at that point because i asked him what he's from call it self and before i call duffy hooks flying me to change the whole thing he said man are you sure disco you know we signed you listen go daddy capital is no no question is is is bomb and rabbit and try to produce him later it would be all of the was no run bmc at this moment in time eighty right all you see what i'm saying i said my mind i thought uniqueness of what we were doing just like we're talking about curtis being unique for solo or duo that would be to take the weight off each rapper because you trade in verses the whole so is not on you you'll have to memorize a whole song and everything and it just plus you good look good and everything i said this will work and the rest is history so go ahead you could start from as continue from where magic johnson thing is just your side of continuing this is august nineteen eightyone you guys the meeting of disco daddy and captain rat man phenomenal said remember the exact month and year and all of.

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