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They have more than enough go android and that's why I've I've for the first time. I've had my iphone now more than I decided after a year of paying off when I'm eligible for an upgrade. To upgrade, it's worse right the because I've got the iphone Ten are the iphone eleven the iphone twelve to me I don't think it's a big enough jump to warrant the extra expense for me to upgrade to those phones. That's a good point I'll continue using my ten for the time being sometimes the various models had major improvements and you thought, oh, I got to have that. So you would make that jump to take that leap but in this case, not so much a WHO knows maybe I'll keep using the phone I've got. Now I think nine months before this phone has paid off and then maybe I'll just enjoy having a paid off phone hoping paying interest. Now there's no interest. It's just they've divided the payments equally or what have you for however long right Yikes, pretty bizarre. That's the only way to afford these thousand dollar phone these. Well, that's true speaking of phones the phone carriers are dying for your business with the new iphones especially at and verizon are offering free iphones to selected buyers of the new seven hundred ninety nine dollar model by providing monthly credits with verizon limiting the promotion to new subscribers at and T. will provide the phone to anyone who upgrades from an iphone eight or later model or any handset worth at least ninety, five dollars. Okay while t mobile will sell the iphone pro for one hundred dollars with trade ins if two of the devices are purchased by new customers. So that they're all dying for Your Business and trying one way or another to get your business and since there are now. Three carriers in spite of the prepaid stuff, they're all they all use one or more of those carriers. It's just at and T. Verizon and T. Mobile. Now, there is no more sprint. So that's how that all works but they're all going to continue to have deals of some sort. And try to get your business. You can just call him sucky carrier one sucky carrier to carrier three years. None of them are really better or worse than the other. They all suck. That's probably the best way just suck less in certain areas. Very true and five gene nobody has nationwide coast to coast five g. yet don't let anyone think that they do and we talked about that on the first hour when we were talking about the new iphone because they they released the first iphone with five G. Connectivity and finally, and really it's just future proofing yourself because unless you live like an area here, we have it in Miami in many areas because they were trying to get it in time for last year's superbowl. Yeah. Because the new. A lot of five G. Towers near our studios even on the main drags out here and they're just those tall cans basically. But if you live in a smaller metropolitan area, you have five G. for another year so more and more that's that's very true. If you're into shopping on black Friday especially at Walmart they said they will still hold in store black Friday deals the day after Thanksgiving starting at five am but instead of the usual chaotic crowds, they claim that they will be single file lines. Good luck with that stores will provide sanitized carts cap the number of shoppers at twenty percent of regular capacity they claim and offer Omni channel sales in three phases in November. So. Yeah. I don't know if that's GONNA. Make any difference with people who will probably still camp out on on Turkey Day for their five am opening but it'll be single file and only twenty percent of regular copaxone go to Walmart on a regular desk. Go there black Friday same here and we talked I think last week on the show as to whether or not. It's worth getting their Walmart plus and ultimately off the air, we were talking to looking into it and saying it's not worth it there. There's really no perks right now the the perks have ever is that you can get free limited delivery. Of Groceries and stuff. But I live literally five miles from your house almost almost exactly five miles your your address qualifies for Free Delivery my address for whatever reason does not some very. Well. No. Because you know I I can't take advantage of your membership. Yeah. Oh that was your plan. What made you think I was going to buy the membership because I let us my prime membership. I don't order stuff I use it for the video. One of the other things which can only be helpful if you shop with your own shopping bags or whatever is you can check out or as you're shopping scan items with your smartphone as your as your shopping so that when you then get to the checkout line, you just scan secure code in the APP and then pay for all your all your things at once but you still have to go to the checkout line obviously wait in line to get there. Then you still have to bag all your stuff. So that's not really a person. One hundred bucks a year to be able to do that ninety, nine dollars a year they're charging for this for Walmart plus and you get five cents off a gallon of gas at the at either the Walmart or Murphy USA gestation which they own. Jeez so that to us wasn't worth the one hundred dollars a year. And if that's the only perk because where everybody else is offering video. Streaming services, things of that nature and I've talked about before I'm surprised because they own Voodoo. Yeah. I was really surprised. I was expecting that because they want to try to compete with Amazon, prime that they would include some kind of streaming service with blue in there but they don't they're not in in I. Wonder if at some point when they don't get very many people. Signing up for the Walmart. Plus if they say, all right, what are we gotta do we gotta give away Turkeys or something or or I know it let's give away Voodoo. We owned it anyway make it part of the deal or cut it in half if somebody's questioning whether or not they want to have voodoo find give them fifty percent of they're already a member or something. But at the moment, our opinion is don't spend the money. Yeah. Not Worth it. Google assistant will soon be able to book a haircut for you call Salon and requesting a time on your behalf. This feature was announced two years ago when Google first unveil duplex, it's tech for having a human sounding system call stores and make requests for whoever picks up its first and only consumer feature was making reservations at restaurants and that launched in late two, thousand, eighteen in the US you can tell the service at time range too. So it can make adjustments if needed. The feature only supports booking three basic services though a men's haircut or women's haircut or a general haircut what the heck is a general haircut? Or figured that would have been covered in men's or women's that pretty much covers everybody. But you know what I guess if you identify as a general maybe. then. You would be getting a general haircut. Oh, my gosh that's pretty bizarre but it's all robotic body. It's all artificial intelligence calling. Barbershop. So I guess you would tell the APP or whatever. General store right the time range that you want, and then guess it will call for you and try to make an appointment within that time range you sit and it'll no doubt be calling in saying I am calling on behalf in a robotic voice no doubt. On behalf of Dave who wants to book a haircut on Tuesday between six and eight. PM. What time can he come in? And then it'll hopefully get the time correct and thank them, and then it'll put it on my calendar. Probably if it was somebody like me that answer the phone, the other I don't talk to machines and I. Actually will go very well what did you want a mentor cutter or women's haircut because we both now one in general I want to general haircut. But I'm sorry you're only a captain. It gets a bit confusing. Doesn't not does Jeez. Michael. In Tyler, Texas listens on K. TBB number seven point five.

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