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We baked you a birthday came If you can't it to me A and you're moaning groaning. Whoa! Don't forget we told you So. How do you write that? Alright. If it is your birthday today, you share it with comedian Jo Anne Worley. She's 84 Remember, she was on Rowan and Martin's laugh. And then she did a lot of work on Hollywood squares. Very funny. Woman. Roger Waters, the anti Semite from Pink Floyd, his 78 years old Jane Curtain, Jane, you ignorant slut. Well, Dan Ackroyd used to say that you know you couldn't do that on Saturday night Live now, Jane Curtain 74 years old, Very funny. Carly Fiorina. Remember she ran for president. She was the CEO for Hewlett Packard in the early two thousand's. She's 67 years old today, you might be a redneck if you wish. Jeff Foxworthy birthday. If you even knew today was his birthday, he's 63 years old Actress Rosie Perez is 57. Actress Naomie Harris is 45. She plays a Moneypenny in the new bond in Skyfall Spectre, and I guess she's going to play it again when no time to die, is released. Uh, Piper Middleton is 38. Yes, she is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. Catherine. If they could still blow out the candles these folks would be celebrating today. Physiologist John Macleod. Born in 18 76. He is credited with discovering insulin. I believe he was a Canadian. Former U S ambassador to Great Britain. Joseph P. Kennedy. Yes, Joe, the old man born in 18, 88. Why don't why terrible human being that man was go. Come on Joe Kennedy. Senior. Oh my God! And finally singer Dolores over Reirden. Born in 1971. She was the lead singer for the group the Cranberries, But more importantly, if it's your birthday today, happy birthday to you brief stimulus break When we return the view from the other side with Suzanne Lewis. It is the best of those. You're listening to the gym, Polledo show and you are not alone..

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