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Taylor the catch of the Taylor fifteen of the. for. three rushing. Taylor again to the forty five forty. the met live pay from her feel MG college having some fun five touchdown montage there for Jonathan Taylor sixteen scrimmage touchdowns on the season for Jonathan Taylor passing Michael Crabtree Moneyball Lamar Jackson for the most in a player's first five teaming games over the last fifteen years in the F. B. S. I like it that they're giving Taylor so rich as is the catch the ball partly because it enhances ability to go to the NFL partly because it makes the office that much more dangerous and probably because it enhances Heisman possibilities I mean his first year he rushed for nineteen hundred yards close to two thousand yards last year he rushed for almost twenty two hundred yards knows this for the Heisman really so how do you get over that hump after muster statistical rushing seasons yeah as statistics on top of that from a different source I think it's interesting that they're doing over on ABC we have a score in Morgantown and were under way in Gainesville college gameday on ESPN radio. this is college college gameday as presented by progressive insurance our guests join via the shell Pennzoil performance line. in.

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