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Home after nearly two weeks in the hospital. Zarif Collado and his ten year old son Mazen still candor stand. Why the teenagers or so heartless sad? How did that happens? Arief having a heart attack while confronting the two teams about paying for snacks after a wreath collapsed. Police say instead of helping him and calling nine one one the two teens stole money and left him Maslin is translating. They look at ten jumped over the counter took everything police say they finally caught a thirteen year old boy in Tacoma, then a second seventeen year old boy turned himself in. Hopes to be back to work in about a month. Or so teams have been booked into the King County juvenile detention center one faces three felony charges today. Crews will clean up a homeless camp where dogs have attacked to people in the last five days. The latest attack was just Wednesday in soda near Snoqualmie and sixth avenue. Witnesses say a dog bit a man working on a truck right by one of the mini RV's parked in the area. The dog's owner was ticketed, and because of the new attack the city says it sped up plans to clear out the camp a homeless camp along the river in Aberdeen is closing slowly the city bought the property recently and put up a gate and no trespassing signs. The camp has been there for at least a decade, but the city recently bought the property saying it's too dangerous and wants everyone out, but the mayor's allowing those who are actively seeking help to stay until they can get on their feet like Christina Gilchrist, and Johnny 'gelato who spoke with komo's Keith Eldridge has lungs. You're doing some kind of services to show that you're bettering your. Hear your situation is they're going to be a time when you're going to be able to to move out. For those who aren't seeking help and still stay the city says they'll get trespassing. Tickets state health officials say the flu.

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