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19. I'm Dave Packard. Federal agents stepping in in Portland, Oregon, was protests continue after the death of George Floyd. The governor wants them to leave some of the agents now being accused of abusing their power. Working for homeland security. Acting director Chad Wolf met with local and state leaders Thursday, claiming they're not doing enough and called the mostly peaceful demonstrators. Anarchists Democratic Governor Kate Brown once federal agents out We're seeing folks being picked it up on put in vans. This's absolutely outrageous. Oregon's attorney general filed a lawsuit against VHS and other federal agencies alleging they seized in the Attained people without probable cause. Michelle Franzen ABC News the US Breaking. At another record, more than 71,000 cases of Corona virus reported in a single day. Florida remains one of the states in a surgeon, new cases, hospitalizations and death Governor Rhonda Santis that his briefing, maintains the state can handle the surge. I think fear is our enemy here, and I think that we approach this with a steady resolve. I think we're gonna handle it much, much better. 48 hospitals reporting they have no I see you availability. Oklahoma's governor Kevin Stitches in self isolation after being diagnosed with Corona virus earlier this week, American civil rights giant Congressman John Lewis has died. Reyes is pouring in. For the man who made civil rights. His life's work. Federal flags at half staff. The Reverend Al Sharpton, remembering Louis walking alongside Martin Luther King Jr front and center on the bridge in Selma, and the March in Washington was the last.

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