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Ciro shall we go into the world of arf i think we shall yet um you will kick off with film a wear gardez the inc volume to is available now actually on digital blu ray in new to four k each iq hd i can say sentences and letters in the right order a and actually speaking of guardians and speaking of disneyland in which we were just discussing kunduz on that his land front at a california venture where we already have regarding the outcy mission break how we're going to get kind of a new hollowing version coming of that rod traction called guernsey galaxy monsters after dark and i that's going to did you should timber fifteen th and run through halloween and hashtag for this is save groups which happens in career what happened a groote glad you asked actually really like the tactic they're taking with this which is it's almost a sequel to the regular mission breakout issue break out his about the guardians are all locked up by the collector and trying to get away but in much was after dark it turns out that while they were successful and breaking out they forgot poor little be not nachiket hauled hold that he could have less alanon i still think he'd be kind of bummed yet but they quickly realized they made a mistake and go back in there a rocket specifically and so yet it's going to be very sort of different experienced the building itself it'll be of the lock down mode that this just happened the events of the regular ride just happen now you're going back in to save grouped on any song do get a new song odds heller bates who does of scores regarding in film.

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