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A little bit. Absolutely. So well said that is it for this Spotify greenroom. We should mention rods that we have a Jesse marsh podcast special presented by camera tequila dropping Thursday afternoon in the television special with the new leads manager that comes out this Sunday on peacock can not wait for this rod so proud of you and those interviews pulling that off so quickly so good. But let's shut this thing down, roger. Can you give us a toast? Wrap it a lot. Did Jesse marsh interview is amazing. He's an amazing human being. Please watch it. Please listen to it. Please share it. He's an he will make you feel great about American football. And I want to raise this shot of jagermeister, this bolt of human emotion in the shot glass, not to an American again, we've talked a lot about that over the past 87 hours of this green room, but to Christian Eriksen. 291 days after collapsing on the field with a cardiac arrest and actually medically being dead for minutes. He walked back onto that same field where it happened the park and stadium in coupon hog and yesterday and made the same Danish crowd explode with joy as they witnessed him scurry goal on the very same field. I mean, superhuman performance and I draw so much inspiration from that man. He now seems to take to the field as if he takes nothing for granted and wants to make every moment matter. And I just say it's that attitude American fans, let's now make every moment matter. Let's take nothing for granted. Let's see for every second. Let's bring that energy to everything we do in life. Oh, beautiful rush. Was that a snack? Take that Gloria. Between. I got a rocket. Can you find America? Love your day. Now let's go..

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