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Cell with me who was not a lunatic shook me roughly to get my attention i looked up she turned around and lifted a jail shirt to show me her low back to her tramp stamp it said shut the fuck up it worked on me i stopped crying it was a gentle moment with my cellmate in county she wanted to help me it's not everyone who can shut the fuck up and although i tried i was not my cell mate who i later considered kind of saint not for the tattoo but the loyalty to the mandate the cops had put me with another white woman on the bus my seat mate had long limp and shiny brown hair and big creepy smile like she was advertising for tooth whitener few in jail and prison have white teeth and neither did she but she had that grand inappropriate grin i didn't like it it made her seem like she had undergone partial brain removal surgery she offered her full name laura lip and said she was being transferred from chino up to stand ville as if we each had nothing to hide since then no one has ever introduced themselves to me by full name or attempted to give any believable seeming account of who they are on a first introduction and no one would and i don't either lip double p is my stepfather's name which i took later she said as if i inquired as if such a thing could matter to me then or ever my father father was a culpepper that's the colpepper is of apple valley not victorville there's a colpepper shoe repair see in victorville but there's no relation no one is supposed to talk on the bus this rule did not stop her my family goes back three generations in apple valley which sounds like a wonderful place doesn't it you can practically smell the apple blossoms and here the honeybees and it makes you think about fresh apple cider and warm apple pie the autumn decorations they start putting up every july craft cubby bright leaves and plastic pumpkins it is mostly the baking and preparing of meth that is traditional in apple valley not in my family don't want to give you the wrong impression the coal peppers are useful people my father owned his own construction business not like the family married into oh oh look it's magic mountain we were passing the white arcs of a roller coaster on the far side of the big multi lane freeway when i'd moved to los angeles three years earlier that amusement park had seemed like a gateway to my new life it was the first big vision off the freeway hurdling south bright and ugly and exciting but that no longer mattered there was a lady on my unit who stole children at magic mountain lower lip said she and her sicko husband she had a way of flipping her shiny sheet of hair without using her arms as if the hair were attached to the rest of her by electrical current she told me how she did it people trusted her and her husband because they were old you know sweet gentle elderly people and a mother might have an a mother might have children running in three directions and go off to chase one and the old lady i bugged with her at sea i w and she told me the whole story she would be sitting there knitting an offer to keep an eye on the child as soon as the parent was out of sight this child was escorted to a bathroom with a knife under his chin this old lady and her husband had a system worked out the kid was fitted with a wig different clothes and the net sneaky old couple muscled the poor thing out of the park that's horrible i said and tried to lean away from her as best i could in my chains i have a child of my own jackson i love my son but it's hard for me to think about him i try not to thank you so much for coming in to talk to rachel it was a pleasure to me thanks for having me here absolutely love the book i really moving on a really kind of intelligent portrayal of and i think it really will be line between obviously sharing the violence and the and the shock but will say the nuances of the cartridges i'm a few questions really curious about in in the way he wrote the.

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