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It's also more secure because it's securities turned on by default even if you don't specify encryption. All data stored in the SABA cloud is encrypted while at rest fully encrypted they follow industry best security models and design practices things like access control mechanisms bucket. Policies, access control lists. And I love the feature I think this is such a great feature. All data can be designated. Any data can be designated as immutable. You can say this is immutable I can't erase it. I can't change it without jumping through hoops. Obviously you can. You can turn it off, but it's not easily accessed, and that means it's it's protected from hackers from ransomware from you know the human error. That it's better than on Prem, less expensive, but better than on Prem, and now if you know, you're going to be getting a certain amount every every month for instance, you can take advantage of a new. Way To pay. You can pay as you go. They have a simple flat fee. Or you can pay.

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