RTA, Alpro discussed on Sigma Nutrition Radio


We're still talking about the general population. And so they're different concerns this kind of individual level of a person who has very high nutritional awareness in a community that often has quite high nutritional awareness, making a joke about the fact that it may be difficult to get protein versus at the population level where protein typically sits give or take around the RTA. And that's not assuming entirely plant based diets. So there is certainly a consideration in terms of protein adequacy in the population where there to be that kind of drastic shift across the population. And although it does relate to kind of total energy intake as well, we know from populations and these are often studies in the subcontinent, for example, that there could potentially be an issue with protein adequacy as it relates to growth growth attainment in infancy and childhood. So I do find there are unfortunately too few people in that community that I find the plant based and vegan community have become quite defensive over the issue of nutrients insufficiency or deficiency. And seek only to kind of dismiss the fact that it's a consideration there rather than actually like let's just have a conversation if there's going to be this seismic shift. Because it's not just about the conversation of what an individual might consider. It's about the conversation from a policy perspective on a food fortification perspective. I remember having a conversation with the public health nutritionist on this topic, who had been in a discussion with alpro, I think and they had alpro had said, but our consumers haven't asked for iodine. So if that's where the kind of the industry side of the fence is thinking, well, we'll do it if our consumers ask for it, but our consumers don't know what they need to ask for in the first place..

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