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Unconventional musings a broken down into black socks conversations to create the container, the holistic living and self reclamation. I am your Hoist Ellen Mental, performance, H. and student to life. I am here to remind you that life is a journey of obstacles lent to be overcome and I'm eager to share mine in here about your house. For you, I'm the woman wants needed and together we will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct and reinvent who we are, and what we know in order to feel on and become very best selves. Base. Is that moment my friend? Right here right now. Welcome. Back guys, this is episode number twenty, two of the holistic PT Podcast, five unconventional weightless barriers or tips or tricks, ideas or thoughts that are unconventional and outside of the traditional box of weight-loss woes. Let's call it I have to be really really honest with you guys. I was up at one. AM S- morning? Feeling inspired as fuck. This episode and it was, it was actually quite honestly a surprise to me to be this. Fight up about this topic, because even as someone who has done this work from a decade. even I at times. Find it really really fucking polarizing like weight loss nutrition exercise like the whole kit and caboodle. Speaking about weight loss all the tips all the methods, all the ways and A truly have such immense reverence for this work and really really solid boundaries around who I listened to. What I listen to and what I really let penetrate my what I call sort of my bullshit force field and spent a lot of time sifting through the bullshit so. These things that I've learned over the years as a Moina as a women's personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach as a mentor as a healer and I, I was also surprised to receive this. Let's call it this coaling this this activation within me this way of responding to you. Like this topic. As manifesting generate on. My profile is to respond sir. One day. I am I am up literally awake thinking it's five o'clock in the morning of the Sun's about to come up and I check my foreign in. It's one thirty. It's not it's not even anywhere near five am so I pull out my laptop and I start writing down ideas. Responding responding to this calling that was just so alive in me and I also had this thought of If it's meant to be all, remember, and I can go back to sleep now you know I can. I can go back to sleep all all remember all of this juicy goodness in the morning but my creativity was really really loud. My voice was really really present and Clara. And I felt called to fully that and here we are here we are. So there's not a lot that I can share with. You guys that you daren't already are or haven't really heard before our word, our world talks about weight loss. Sorry much. Sorry that almost all of the information seems to feel. Let's say diluted in many many ways we've become. Somewhat desensitized to the words weight loss body fat. Nutrition, health exercise. I feel it, too. I feel it too, and It's almost like your nervous. System almost responds in a way of shutting down and quietly just sort of not acknowledging it anymore psych next like what's next. What's next on the agenda because this is? This this is boring again. This is the same stuff urban over and over again being recycling different ways. And while I while I really believe that there is so much truth to that. It is also true that many human beings a still seeking. Still searching still on a journey and I feel like as an industry like his fitness industry is someone in the fitness industry someone in holistic health win ceremony, many ways of failing to provide without expectation without labels and ideals, and even without promise riot. I think many of you who clicked on this episode or who are listening today have done have done so with the hope, and maybe even a tad of desperation, maybe a lot of desperation to find answers and to open your mind and view things from a new. Angle or savings in a new lot a lot. You know that I can offer. You and I really want to honor that in you and I want to thank you for that. And for saying that in me, much the same way I see this myself right. Like I said I've had to I've done a Lotta work around is cutting through the bullshit and what I'm offering. Today's just it's a different. It's just a different angle because personally I don't know any woman who has not had some form of. Frustration your hot ache Anga annoyance around their weight, some sort of negative experience around their body, the health and fitness some form of shutdown, avoidance Ohio shape, struggle, or just some form of barrio negative negative experience. Sir I'm just going to. I'm going to ask you to channel any desperation that you're feeling any frustration that you're feeling anything I want. Acknowledge anything that you're going through right now. I really do. You channel any of it and all of it into tears city into educating yourself into undestanding and really opening your mind and your hot. You know I'm asking you to essentially clear the slight and. In many ways to get what you know to be true about weight loss not about your body. Because only you know the answer to that, but what you nor to be true about. All the ways that you can lose weight. And if your hia, you really can't deny that. You are still searching in some way. You know you're still wanting answers. You're still curious because this something else and I really felt this as someone who has done this work, you know when I think back to a time when I was trying all sorts of different things when I was competing I was calorie counting when I was trying Cobb backloading alert fat diets and Laura Hydrate Diets and Kito, and will these different methods. I did all of that with such. I did all.

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