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Point nine karn i'm just putting this article up one the uh doc washburn show facebook page and died yeah i i put it up so jim comey goes way back with the clintons even helped investigate vince foster's at these good buddies with clinton attorney david kendall to recusals nah 501 43 300 mine too we'll the people who tried to throw any election in november 2016 and then have been trying ever since to take down a lawfully elected president ever hear anything like the words dr larry nassar heard from the judge this morning king claims to sentence you because third here do not to walk out by of imprisoned after an idea 501 43 300 and until we do have lines open j c in the bunker your newsradio one or two point nine karn what's albro they will never see jailtime never they may get some wool level that are employee from cincinnati and they might throw them in jail a reprimand that these people will never ever she jail they have the core they have the the judges they've got everything is under their control and has been for war and at least fifty years uh the last two men stich tried to warn us about this one joseph mccarthy and you see what they did to him throughout through the media and number two of our last president the mix you something like this week jfk when he says secret societies home repugnant in a threat to america freedom i wanted to uh wanted to bring down the fed to any eight wallet or gear well he's definitely wanted to bring up the federal reserve's completely annihilated he also wanted to have dismantled the cia and fbi and restructure because of the corruption that that didn't set.

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