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Great Bruce two years ago I, had a hip replacement VA I'm a fifty percent disabled that due, to, my, knees have been bad for the. Last twenty five years and the doctor pulled me to read. On my hip where is because my, bad knees I was always favoring, one. Side and everything So I applied for After work, for four months recuperating and they told me to put in while you're once you, get off parading, on and then they'll they'll be able to compensate me down when I've paid operations on my knee because they'll just connected to the knee because it was. Caused, by the needs well they denied it now don't have. Any recourse. To action I can I appeal. That some, way or oh yeah you can always appeal the? Why was it tonight They said it wasn't connected to the hip but I've had it was in my doctor reports my doctor kept telling me over and over yeah you're lot. Because, you're walking like doc and you kept standing in putting. Your weight. On that one side because your. Other needs, was worse than the need. It the hippy hip And you kept switching. Your weight I was, the post office to. Twelve years which I did. A lot of. Standing solace constantly switching my, weight back and forth. Because my knees bothered me so much, well you know all of these, programs the VA social security Medicaid all of these. Programs it seems like there's always at least one do now I know for Medicaid there's always a denial I tell my clients up I up, front there, will be a now don't worry about it, we'll get the appeal. Going into virtually, we'll get resolved in your favor. And that is certainly the true with the, VA so I would continue to pursue the appeal. Because sometimes when you just keep working at. It, and you show a strong interesting getting your benefits you get what's the squeaky wheel gets oil to that that sort of thing so I would I would definitely. Pursue the appeal All right, check look, for the reasons they said no and then? Address those issues it's. More medical documentation. Might do it in your case Okay Thank. You you're. Welcome you, know we get these a lot in in in VA cases where they get tonight because they didn't people try to do it on their. Own they didn't put in the medical. Information they did put in the medical bills until they get for that. Reason I said, earlier you have too much. Income, well it's not that you have too much. Income you didn't show them what your medical bills or you didn't do it in the right. Way Yeah yeah I mean and there's, just a, number of companies out there that, they say, the reason, I get denied like you said it's because they're not they're not putting the information in the right way. They're not providing the proper, evidence in supporting documentation that, goes along with the veteran's application or even a Medicaid application for that matter and because of that I it basically, just lays. Them getting the benefits, that they need and Mike car was saying there's a number of organizations. Out there. That are. You know, VA organizations to the like better you know very well meaning organizations that will do default AVI a. application for you for free and we'll. Submit it for you but a lot..

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