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Port of Seattle has spent the twenty twenty Alaska cruise season and of course it's all because of the corona virus according to the Puget Sound business journal this decision came after the centers for disease control reported finding traces of coronavirus seventeen days after passengers disembark the ship a full crew season generates nearly nine hundred million dollar statewide and support some fifty five hundred jobs new numbers show passenger value plummeting at Paine field just three weeks ago it was difficult to find a parking place that the every airport and it was celebrating its first anniversary now in the midst of the Kobe nineteen L. brake parking lots are close to empty and parking is now free last month more than seventy thousand people took a commercial flight to or from Paine field recently passenger volume has fallen by more than two thirds and Alaska Airlines has splashed seventy percent of its flight schedule through may as demand has fallen off that's good for business I'm Tony and on Wall Street right now the Dow Jones industrial average up about eleven hundred points that's a more than five percent gain on the day the nasdaq ahead two hundred and ninety five in the S. and P. five hundred is up one hundred and seventeen points today we check your money twenty and fifty past each hour and homeowners no one wants to run out of money in retirement but many people will and the primary reason is the high cost of long term care the fact is that three out of four of us will end up in a long term care situation and the government is not going to pay for it and Medicare won't pay for it either it's up to you but there is good news thanks to recent rule changes there are new ways to set up long term care.

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