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Enjoy? So. They put me on a cold flow right. Because then they gotta make sharing Kovin and educated shit out of my I, well, she's going on covert flow. Because that's what we do with everybody. I ain't see my home. The whole five days I would doubt. Over saying but Dakota, Co.. Pay Them. No But He got talk. He's I gotta how surgeon in three weeks I can't be cold with FLO. He got the home so. They put me they give me the Cobra takes. Read out that I had this episode of peace and no myself in fucking seeing just having a hard time. They little white later only I just know she white 'cause I grabbed him, and she said I cova tests, and it's a longest cute timothy. Skinny is I never Q. Like this. issue down my nose and my reflex Bitchy, her chair so hot. I say Ma'am I hit. You Re Flake. You told me you were going at my nose like that. You hit her. Well? I didn't mean to you I. Just Bam. Get at my know. I'm laying up there and Rachel status can see. She said I'm going. To do now she is. Taste. Jack. Treated her like an open Mike Comic. Mari flair hit the little girl. Chess Oatman saw as. You come on. dopey seven key kits knows. That she. s she heard that. I've heard horrible. It is hard. It's not that bad I've heard it's horrible. Horror. Ask You almost feel like a roach you're. Up, you know it's a relatable. Yeah I'm like. Shit I WANNA never felt that down now. That's a whole nother set of. Viruses, yeah, but I'm like. So, you feel anything. So. They put me on a cold. Here, and why I'm on a college flow. I'm said. Everybody coming out any light. They liked that real movie out. What was outbreak? When ahead on it? Has and there was just like day. Until the I test negative. Then they start coming our regular mask on. On a cold floor because my eyes closed the whole time, right? Glasses so I couldn't see what was wrote on the board. And I, actually while you walk around with that outfit on I'm I'm Monaco inflow. She's like yeah, well. WHAT THE FOCUS! My date three a day, fo-, she's all. We tested comeback. So you got tested when you first got there or they tested me for everything I had an MRI and heard. It's been taken longer to get the test. Hospital but I am I that was really fucking scary? So you know that's when they put your big as machines get one from my faintness him. Yeah, and they They sound like they join you a whole new Scott talented. Like, if you? With me by me being by me, already having you know businesses she. Came is club, and then I kind of opened my eyes. Trying to be knows. You. fucking machine and your whole body. It was it was Kinda weird. CLAUSTROPHOBIC. yeah, but I kept. My eyes closed so I wouldn't act I wonder what they do. People really can't go in on. I think there's like more like open is now like they've tried to create machines, but like I've heard when they go in there and they're claustrophobic they they freak out. Yeah. I used to be held across claustrophobic like big to. What did I say? It. I told them. I was like the reason why I think I. It was because I was just I over heated and when I got, everything checked, they were like. Yeah, you're normal. Your levels are normal. Everything seems fine and I think it was because I had a pinched nerve. which is what was causing the majority of my chest pain issues. Which? The overheating, I think freaked me out, and that's why I passed out because I just get like super hot and like. It heals on its own. Mostly because I have shitty shitty posture, I can go to physical therapy, but I don't WanNa. Pay For it so. Just gotta sit up straight every now and then. Is He see? Reminded I do that, too where it's like. Oh, correct posture here I'll tell you when I when I out what opened my eyes on day four, and now I have a sofa. Husband like a little sweet, so I, look on the, so. I got all of these Beagle. Ole Granny Pampers Hulu fuck is that. You know me being black, I, said who I know, need some Powell's. Meanwhile Hafer jokes. Are Up panty liners. No some big air. English Bitch, get rid easy. They would like three pro. What the thaw. Did you have them on no I. Put this shit on me I needed she. They try to give me the bed. Pass man, my my johnny. Carry out on the. Come out and play. She's not a Portland and. Tell everybody who are? Every dot became so i. You a comedian yet, Dr. I ain't now today I'm GonNa. Seek Nickel as The pretty good joke you got. I'm GONNA CU when I get to conjugate. Tell us a joke now. I didn't get. That was so terrible. Awkward. They should have like digger. You the joke. That's why I'm here. Don't talk about. That that's why been out of commission, yeah, because I- vertical, but I'm better than this using the hospital. I was on facebook jail. How was your weekend? It was great. It was white, so uneventful made a lot of money. A lot of privilege and I'm just kidding. Why were you in facebook jail and Reported my sheet. He going to say every other day. Isn't this the second time in like? Is the third time so I got I got a bay in the first time for like twenty four hours. The second time was three this time it was seven. I they give you a list of all the things. You've got banned for the first. Three bands I got banned for reposted and laughing emojis. They don't even show you the video that reposted so I have no idea I guess they WANNA get community standards I. Don't know what the fuck video. It was so I can't be like my bad. The the first twenty four hour on I said Americans are fucking idiots, and that's what got me saying. That's crazy. Because Americans are fucking idiots, the second the three-day band. I don't remember what I did. I I think. I posted a video that they didn't like and then this time I move my buddy. Sydney does a facebook live show and they were talking about blow jobs and he has his. Sex doctrine she was talking about women giving blow jobs, and how to get better I was like. Yeah, because women aren't as good as think they are. That guy flag for hate speech. Because women aren't as good. Don't you hate when the truth is hate? Has True. You should have been flag what that women aren't good. Give hate as they think they are. Do aren't as good at fucking as we think we are. that. Somebody else said that they didn't.

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