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Then you can start to make improvements but you have to end see does that improvement effect that result like economic demise without the measurement and that's why most people end up optimizing too early because they don't yet have a process map dance happen you optimize something that isn't really clearly defined then it's not consistent someone's doing one thing another person's doing another thing she buys grenada benchmark from way to improve exactly rot just real real bicyc recording and then the integration pace really that's getting the staff to buying as early as possible having them involved in the process helping them to understand that what you're doing actually makes the job as yet they can then go why in have seek die and when they come back tosks with done and they not faced with an empty inbox it it reduces the stress it makes it easy to share the load so that comes with getting the ball game helping them to understand why you're doing it at and in this strategies to address specific things that it's it's almost like a high chaff thing you have to understeer the staff member imagine that's a huge by number six would be massive what bit must feel what of mindset in coaching and training us to go into that stage it it's one of the least addressed and understood areas because you can have great systems in processes but if no one's actually following the minute early worth anything anyway.

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