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I mean, well, let's set the stage, right? Let's set the stage. So the episode opens with the beach event, right? So this is what Nathan and isa of course had talked about earlier in the season that he wanted to do some kind of customer appreciation thing maybe for the customers from the barbershop. And so we see them at the beach, him and his friends, or the fellow barbers, putting on their sunscreen, which actually was only lotion. So the lamb store pretty immediately. So that's our setting. And so he and the friends are setting up and then we see Issa and Mali and Kelly show up a little later, and it is very clear that Issa and Nathan have not talked since a week ago, which so we could go with the crying incident where she asked him to spend the night and they were kissing and she ended up crying in his mouth. So what we see is that there is this awkwardness, right? So very much a callback to awkward black girl and early seasons of insecure like Issa I feel like his continue to be at different levels of awkward, but I feel like this was like peak awkward this week. Yeah, it was physically painful to watch. I'm like, come on girl spit it out. Oh, please don't say that. Please. It was very painful to watch. So what are you kind of make of the fact that clearly they have not talked in this week and you know, she just kind of shows up at this event? Honestly, I just like, okay. Are we being passive here? Are we wanting to have the conversation? And there was this desire for her to have the conversation. And I mean, you saw it. I read, this is the continuing game. Because I.

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